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Startup ecosystems can be fragmented, competitive, and hidden to newcomers, which is detrimental for local startups and community growth. The Startup Ecosystem Canvas seeks to provide local entrepreneurs with a clear list of resources for every stage of their startup journey, and outline a basic framework for communities to map their ecosystem.

With applications for the East Bay Founder Institute coming to a close, we are excited to release the East Bay Startup Ecosystem Canvas, which is currently in Draft v1 below! It was developed by the East Bay Founder Institute and local leaders Mark Montalban and Ben Larson.

This is just a DRAFT, and more input is needed, so please leave your comments on this collaborative Google document to help us complete the list. There are definitely omissions on this current version. 

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Text version included below, for ease of searching:

Startup Stages

There is no one right way to build a technology company, but for the sake of simplicity we have outlined a basic, common, sequential framework.

1. Idea Stage

This is where new entrepreneurs get inspired, learn best practices, develop skills, validate ideas, and begin to build their team and product.

A. Inspire

  • Startup Media: Centralized local information, listings, and news. (i.e. startup blogs/ publications/ lists/ FB groups/ newsletters, Startup Digest)
    1. Berkeley Startup Central
    2. Oakland Startups List
    3. Startup Digest Oakland
    4. Tech.co Oakland
  • Inspirational Events: Open, inclusive, beginner startup events (i.e. Startup Weekend, idea fairs, and inspirational meetups)
    1. Autism Success in Tech
    2. Bay Area Black Designers
    3. Bay Area - Code Black Office Hours
    4. Food Tech Startup
    5. FuckUp Nights
    6. Hustle Con
    7. Ladies Technically Speaking Bay Area
    8. Liberating Ourselves Locally
    9. Oakland Technology Meetup
    10. Open Source Wellness
    11. Startup East Bay
    12. Startup Weekend East Bay
    13. Startup Weekend Latinx in Tech Oakland
    14. Startup Weekend Oakland
    15. Tech With Heart
    16. The TechEquity Collaborative
    17. Women Who Code East Bay

B. Educate

  • Best Practices: Beginner knowledge-sharing events. (i.e. beginner events that serve to educate more than inspire, like 1 Million Cups, Startup Grind, Startup Founder 101, etc).
    1. Bay Area Modular Synth Group
    2. Berkeley-Oakland-East Bay Hardware Startup Meetup
    3. CareerWaze Learning Meetup
    4. Digital Storytelling
    5. East Bay Agile and Lean Leadership
    6. East Bay Bitcoin Meetup
    7. East Bay Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Meetup
    8. East Bay Virtual Reality
    9. SF East Bay AI, Blockchain and Emerging Tech
    10. SF East Bay Hardware Startups
    11. Startup Best Practices
    12. Startup Founder 101 Oakland
    13. Startup Grind Fremont
    14. Tech Liminal Meetup
    15. Tech4Good Pleasanton
    16. The East Bay WordPress Meetup Group
    17. Unconscious Bias Project
    18. Weekly WordPress Support Group
  • Training & Feedback: Skill & Idea development. (Ex. bootcamps and comprehensive training programs, like Founder Institute, General Assembly, Lean Startup Machine, code camps, etc)
    1. Accela Tech Meetup
    2. Alameda County SBDC Perfecting Your Pitch
    3. AMENA Boot Camp in Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
    4. Berkeley Boot Camps
    5. Berkeley Investment Group
    6. Berkeley Lean Startup Circle
    7. Berkeley Real and Artificial Intelligence Meetup
    8. Berkeley Startup: Idea to IPO
    9. Bootcamp Camp Tech Talk Tour
    10. Business Laws for Startups and Entrepreneurs
    11. coLLoquium
    12. CommUNITY Cafe
    13. Deep Learning Study Group
    14. Emerging Technologies Conference
    15. Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders
    16. FinTech, RealTech East Bay and South Bay
    17. Founder Institute
    18. ICA Fund Good Jobs
    19. Kapor Center for Social Impact
    20. Learners Guild
    21. Port Academy
    22. Prospera
    23. Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
    24. SCORE East Bay
    25. Silicon Valley Robotics
    26. Silicon Valley Web Builder
    27. The SF East Bay New Tech Meetup
    28. Tri-Valley Lean Startup Circle
    29. UC Berkeley Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology
    30. Uptima Business Bootcamp
    31. Women of Wearables Bay Area Meetup

C. Validate

  • Team Formation: Resources for teaming up. (i.e. events or other resources that facilitate early-stage recruitment and cofounder matching)
    1. Bay Area Entrepreneurs & Independent Businesses
    2. Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association
    3. Berkeley Startup Cluster
    4. Black Professionals in STEM
    5. Co-Founder Wanted Meetup Group by The Tech^map
    6. CoFoundersLab
    7. Comrade Fireside
    8. East Bay Women's Network
    9. Founder2be
    10. FounderDating
    11. Founders Network
    12. Gateway's Bay Area Cannabis Startup Founder Community
    13. Innovate East Bay
    14. LocalPreneurs: Start Bold Ventures, Build Great Companies
    15. San Francisco East Bay Entrepreneurs & Networkers
    16. Silicon Valley Startup Opportunity Group for Immigrants
    17. Startup Networking Night
    18. Tomorrow Partners
    19. Women Entrepreneurs of Berkeley
    20. Women in Life and Career Transitions
  • Build First Product: Hackathons & resources to build. (i.e. hackathons and other builder-focused events and resources)
    1. Ace Monster Toys Makerspace
    2. AEC Hackathon 5.0 - Oakland
    3. Bay Area Tech Jam and Game Dev Meetup
    4. Bots Hackathon
    5. Consumer Goods - Design to Manufacture Cooperative
    6. Counter Culture Labs
    7. Curiosity Hacked Oakland
    8. DREAMerHack: Hackathon Academy
    9. GENOME LINK Hackathon
    10. Hackermoms
    11. Hayward Techies & Makers
    12. Liberating Ourselves Locally
    13. Makers Workspace
    14. Nimby
    15. Oakland Beginner's Programming Support Group
    16. Predix Builders of SF Bay Area
    17. Qeyno Hackathon Academy
    18. Sudo Room
    19. Supernode
    20. Wonder Hack - A Family Hackathon

2. Launch Stage

In this stage, entrepreneurs establish and formalize the company, develop the product, get feedback from customers, and prepare for the next step.

A. Start

  • Establish: Law firms & banks for startups
    1. Bank of America
    2. Bank of the West
    3. Bend Law Group
    4. Beneficial State Bank
    5. Benjamin Law Group
    6. California Bank & Trust
    7. Chase Bank
    8. Comerica Bank
    9. Community Bank of the Bay
    10. Donahue Fitzgerald
    11. East Bay Business Lawyer
    12. East West Bank
    13. First Republic Bank
    14. Metropolitan Bank
    15. Nwamu Law Group
    16. Silicon Valley Bank
    17. Springmeyer Law
    18. SPZ Legal
    19. The Wilkerson Law Office
    20. The Williams Firm
    21. Union Bank
    22. United Business Bank
    23. US Bank
    24. Wells Fargo
  • Workspace: Co-working and flexible workspaces (note: “official” office space goes in 3.1.a. Infrastructure)
    1. ActivSpace Berkeley
    2. Big Oakland
    3. Critosphere
    4. East Bay Community Space
    5. Impact Hub Oakland
    6. NextSpace Berkeley
    7. OAKSTOP
    8. Phoenix Alameda
    9. Port Workspaces
    10. Powerhouse
    11. Qulture Collective
    12. Sandbox Suites
    13. Tech Liminal
    14. The Lab: Coworking at CEL
    15. The Startup Admin Co-Munity
    16. The Workshop Emeryville
    17. Victory Workspace
    18. WeWork Berkeley

B. Develop

  • Formalize: Accounting, development and HR for early-stage startups.  
    1. Accounting & Business Solutions
    2. CitrusBits
    3. Franklin Management Systems
    4. Henry Levy Group CPA Firm
    5. HyperArts
    6. Kollective Mobile
    7. Kunai Consulting
    8. Lee Accountancy Group
    9. Management Recruiters of Berkeley
    10. Merchants Accounting Services
    11. Mortimer Smythe Designs
    12. Moss CPA
    13. Nelson Jobs
    14. OCSI
    15. Pioneer Tax and Accounting Services
    16. Premier Talent Partners
    17. Raizlabs
    18. Rina Accountancy Corporation
    19. Timpson Garcia, LLP
  • Prepare for Seed: Incubators and advanced mentorship. (i.e. advanced knowledge sharing, later stage events and resources for startup TEAMS, Startup Next, etc)
    1. Bay Area Legal Incubator
    2. CITRIS Foundry
    3. Cyclotron Road
    4. QB3 Incubators
    5. Raizlabs XLR8 Incubator
    6. The Batchery
    7. The Hood Incubator
    8. The Hood Incubator Cannabis Business Accelerator Program
    9. UpStart Lab

C. Launch

  • Seed Accelerators: Seed funding mentor programs (Techstars-style programs that provide funding)
    1. Berkeley BioLabs
    2. Free Ventures
    3. Gateway
    4. Innovation Acceleration Group
    5. LAUNCH
    6. QB3
    7. SkyDeck
    8. The House
  • Pitch & Demo: Show local startups for investment (i.e. demo days for companies seeking seed investment)
    1. Alameda County SBDC East Bay Entrepreneur Pitch Fest
    2. Demo Oakland - Better Ventures
    3. East Bay Entrepreneur Pitch Fest
    4. LAUNCH Startup Expo and Demo Day 2017
    5. Pitching Your Idea For Success - Impact Hub Berkeley
    6. The Batchery Batch 5 Demo Day

3. Growth Stage

Here, a startup proves their utility, receives recognition, and scales up. This usually requires funding, angels, VCs, and ways to connect them to startups.

A. Recognition

  • Investor Networking:  Connect professional investors with founders. (i.e. events or groups that facilitate connections with professional investors)
    1. Angel Investment Network
    2. Berkeley Angel Network
    3. Keiretsu Forum East Bay
    4. The Arcview Group
    5. UC Berkeley Haas Venture Fellows
  • Major Media: Mainstream local business press. (i.e. major local or regional publications that frequently champion local businesses)
    1. ABC
    2. CBS
    3. East Bay Times
    4. FOX
    5. Mercury News
    6. NBC
    7. Oakland Post
    8. The Daily Californian

B. Funding

  • Angels / Micro-VCs: Seed-stage investors
    1. Alex Bernstein
    2. Amy Wilson
    3. Brooks Jordan
    4. Chris Cooper
    5. Cindy Padnos
    6. Colin Walsh
    7. David Price
    8. Ed Dua
    9. Erik Moore
    10. Igor Feerer
    11. Jesse Pollak
    12. Josh Hannah
    13. Kai Chang
    14. Kathleen Willard
    15. Lloyd Lawrence
    16. Mitch Kapor
    17. Naveen Jain
    18. Nick McCann
    19. Peter Secor
    20. Renato Steinberg
    21. Richard Chen
    22. Ryan Merket
    23. Sam Mansen
    24. Sam Saliba
    25. Stephen Leist
  • Venture Capitalists: Series A and beyond
    1. Base Ventures
    2. Berkeley Ventures
    3. Better Ventures
    4. Claremont Creek Ventures
    5. Illuminate Ventures
    6. Insignia Capital
    7. Kaiser Permanente Ventures
    8. Kapor Capital
    9. New Media Ventures
    10. NewSchools Venture Fund
    11. Strawberry Creek Ventures
    12. Treehouse Capital LLC
    13. Vista Equity Partners

C. Growth

  • Infrastructure: Office space, HR, local business insurance. (i.e. office space/ HR/ insurance providers for capital-rich companies to grow and scale)
    1. 42Floors
    2. Caffrey Insurance Solutions
    3. CF&P Insurance Brokers
    4. Compass Consulting
    5. Dealey Renton & Associates
    6. Instant Offices
    7. LoopNet
    8. Mainz Brady Group
    9. McDermottCosta Insurance
    10. Regus
    11. Rofo
    12. Search Office Space
    13. Strahan Insurance
    14. Thacher Executive Search
    15. U.S Wide Insurance Solutions
    16. Witt/Kieffer
  • Expansion: Growth accelerators/consultants. (i.e. programs and business consultants for capital-rich companies to grow and scale)
    1. Accenture
    2. Berkeley Consulting
    3. BTS Consulting Group
    4. CGI IT
    5. Charles River Associates
    6. Circlepoint
    7. Cliff Consulting
    8. Deloitte
    9. Ernst and Young
    10. FTI Consulting
    11. Incito
    12. Infosys Consulting
    13. KPMG
    14. Milliman
    15. Navigant Consulting
    16. Piedmont Avenue Consulting
    17. Xantrion

4. Success Stories

Successful homegrown companies that have raised significant institutional funding, employ a large workforce, or have achieved liquidity.

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee
  2. Breezy
  3. Browserling
  4. Captricity
  5. CashBet
  6. Clef
  7. Comfy
  8. CryptoMove
  9. Even
  10. Final
  11. FR8Star
  12. Globetouch
  13. Imperfect Produce
  14. Jiko
  15. Josephine
  16. Kaiser Permanente
  17. LaunchDarkly
  18. Lucid
  19. Marqeta
  20. Mayvenn
  21. Mosaic
  22. Mynd
  23. npm
  24. Pandora
  25. Renew Financial
  26. Rockbot
  27. Roofstock
  28. Suiteness
  29. Trellis
  30. VSCO


To facilitate the steps, every ecosystem needs strong supporters.

1. Evangelists

Successful local founders who lead the ecosystem & frequently mentor newbies.

  1. Abhinav Kukreja
  2. Adam Sterling
  3. Anand Kulkarni
  4. Andre Marquis
  5. Anne Soto
  6. Ben Larson
  7. Cameron Baradar
  8. Carter Laren
  9. Chon Tang
  10. Christina Pappas
  11. Christopher Ategeka
  12. Danielle Vivo
  13. David Bloom
  14. Deepak Gupta
  15. Emily Kirsch
  16. Eugene Noh
  17. Gigi Wang
  18. Henry Chesbrough
  19. Ikhlaq Sidhu
  20. Jeremy Fiance
  21. Justine Marcus
  22. Kal Deutsch
  23. Ken Singer
  24. Keyan Sarrafzadeh
  25. Lian Song
  26. Lili Gangas
  27. Luca Cosentino
  28. Mark Montalban
  29. Mike Cohen
  30. Miriam Zuk
  31. Mudit Goyal
  32. Naeem Zafar
  33. Nikki Hallgrimsdottir
  34. Princessa Bourelly
  35. Randy Haykin
  36. Rhonda Shrader
  37. Samvit Ramadurgam
  38. Solomon Darwin

2. Government

Public organizations that facilitate local economic development (ex. Start with the chamber of commerce, “Invest in XXX”, “Economic Ministry of XXX” , “Innovation”, R&D, etc)

  1. Alameda SBDC
  2. Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
  3. City Innovate Foundation
  4. Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  5. Oakland Startup Network
  6. OpenOakland
  7. Startup in Residence
  8. The Alameda Chamber of Commerce
  9. The Civic Design Lab - City of Oakland

3. Talent

Major local business or tech universities and employers that attract and retain local talent.

  • Local Universities (universities with prominent technical or business programs)
    1. California College of the Arts
    2. California State University, East Bay
    3. Mills College
    4. Patten University
    5. Saint Mary's College of California
    6. University of California, Berkeley
  • Local Employers (Major technical employers, like Microsoft or Google or large local companies, with large local offices, “major technology companies in XX”)
    1. AECOM
    2. Cisco
    3. Fathom
    4. Infor
    5. Kaiser Permanente
    6. Navis
    7. Oracle
    8. Pandora
    9. Pixar Animation Studios
    10. Safeway
    11. Workday

Learn more about the Startup Ecosystem Canvas here, and leave us your thoughts on the East Bay Canvas on this collaborative Google document (This is just a DRAFT, and more input is needed!)

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