The Founder Institute Core 4-Month Program is just the beginning.

For the last several years we have developed new support programs to help our companies long after the core program ends. The result of this work spawned our Post-Program Support, which far exceeds any comparable program.

Continued Support

FI Alumni
  • Dedicated Alumni Support Team in Silicon Valley
  • Access to the world's largest network of mentors and investors (20,000+)
  • Private mailing lists & "Master Sessions"
  • $2M+ in partner discounts
  • Invites to FI sessions & network events
  • Economic upside in the Equity Collective

Structured Post-Programs

Founder Lab
  • A series of 3-month virtual advisory programs where you work with our Silicon Valley HQ team to reach next milestones
  • Funding Lab helps get your lead investor within 6 months
  • P/M Fit Lab helps you get to Product/Market Fit
  • Venture Lab helps you close a Series-A round
  • 100% customized and FREE for Alumni

Read below for more details:

All Founder Institute Alumni get access to a number of resources, such as:

  1. Economic Upside in the Equity Collective: When one of the peers in your cohort has a liquidity event, you get a financial return. Learn more about the Equity Collective at
  2. A dedicated support team in Silicon Valley to answer questions and help you through any challenges. 
  3. Access to the Global #FIworldwide Network: Alumni immediately join an elite global network of 5,000+ startups and 20,000+ CEO Mentors from 200+ cities. They can email any mentor, and we facilitate communication through a mailing list, Facebook Groups, and online discussion tools. See the most recent network activity at
  4. Invitations to Exclusive Events: We host many invite-only events, including our global event called FounderX, where startup founders and leaders meet for a series of networking events, workshops with top speakers, formal dinners, and fun! Speakers at past global FI events include Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla), David Sacks (PayPal, Yammer), Aaron Levie (, and more. Learn more about the FounderX event at
  5. Access to Advanced Resources: Alumni gain access to private conference calls and virtual "Master Sessions" with renowned experts, as well as an assortment of advanced, step-by-step guides on things like generating traction, negotiating a term sheet, hacking growth, getting media, and more.
  6. Ability to distribute news and content through the FI Network, which reaches over 1.5M impressions per month across a variety of global and local platforms.
  7. Investment Support: Not all FI Alumni seek external funding. But for those that do, we often have local relationships to fast-track investment, refer Alumni to various seed-accelerators around the world, and run regular conference calls to provide fundraising advice and feedback. Countless FI companies have gone on to seed-accelerators like Techstars, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Seedcamp, and more.

Alumni also get free access to our Structured Post-Programs, known as Founder Lab.


Founder Lab is series a virtual advisory programs where Alumni work closely with our Silicon Valley HQ to reach the next milestones in their business. The goal of these programs is to continue to providing our portfolio companies with (1) a structured process, and (2) constant feedback and support long after the Core Program ends. 

These programs are cohort-based, last 3-6 months each, and are conducted via email, phone, and our online collaboration tools. 

All Founder Lab programs are 100% free for Founder Institute Alumni, and include:

  1. A highly-structured, step-by-step process with aggressive weekly sprints
  2. A dedicated coach at our Silicon Valley Headquarters to provide constant guidance and feedback
  3. Facilitated connections to advisors, experts, and investors through the FI network
  4. Eligibility to pitch on our Online Demo Day events, which are broadcast globally and attended by hundreds of people.


See the Founder Lab programs currently available: 

Product/ Market Fit Lab

  • Goal: Achieve Product/Market Fit
  • Customer archetype, user-story, prototyping, and product specification help
  • Follow a structured process to develop and test multiple versions of your product
  • Finalize a growth engine to propel your business forward

Funding Lab

  • Goal: Get the lead investor to your seed round within 6 months.
  • Access to shared database of investors & advisors
  • Pitch deck, term sheet, cap table editing/ feedback
  • Assistance on building investor pipeline & term sheet negotiation

Venture Lab

  • Goal: Close your Series-A financing.
  • Introductions to investors & advisors
  • Ongoing Office Hours with venture capital experts
  • Business development and documentation assistance

Learn more about Founder Lab at


The top 2% of FI Alumni in the seed or post-seed stage can then be invited to be part of our Select Portfolio.

The Select Portfolio represents the Elite FI companies that have demonstrated the potential to quickly scale and grow into an enduring, global business.

In order to facilitate this growth, our Select Portfolio receive special assistance from the Founder Institute Leadership Team, including fundraising assistance, strategic advisory help, office hours, access to special events and partnerships, and more.

Full benefits of being in the Select Portfolio include:

  • Full advisory support from the FI Leadership Team and our CEO, Adeo Ressi.
  • Access to Elite Partner Benefits that our top-tier service providers only offer to our best companies
  • Assistance on PR strategy and access to global media lists.


The Results

Our scale and number of successful portfolio companies truly unprecedented. Since 2009, our companies have created over 25,000 jobs and have raised over $1.5 billion.

Learn more about Founder Institute Alumni, or see some of their recent stories below. 


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