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Post-Program Support

The FI Core Program is just the beginning of a life long journey.

Founder Institute Alumni get access to a series of advanced accelerator programs, ongoing support from our Silicon Valley Team, valuable partner and service discounts, and more to continue building the business for years to come.

There are no hidden costs, additional contracts or surprise subscription fees: all our post-program support is free and exclusive to FI Alumni companies, for life.

Continued Support
  • Dedicated Alumni Support Team in Silicon Valley

  • Access to the worlds largest network of mentors and investors (35,000+)

  • Private Networking Events and Sessions

  • 2M in partner discounts

  • Office Hours with Mentors

  • Potential introductions to investors

Structured Post-Programs
  • A series of 3-month accelerators where you work with our Silicon Valley HQ team to reach your next milestones

  • Funding Lab helps get your lead investor within 6 months

  • FI Venture Network gets you intros to investors.

  • Leadership Lab develops skills to scale your company

  • 100% FREE for Alumni

Alumni Benefits, in detail:

Join a Global Network

Scale your team, develop new business opportunities, and recruit an amazing advisory board through the worlds largest network of startup founders, CEOs, advisors and investors.

Get Global Exposure

Leverage our large startup events, like the Founder Showcase, and vast global reach to amplify your business and generate a following.

Meet the Right Investors

When you are ready, get matched to investors via the FI Venture Network - a collection of investors focused on first and second rounds of funding. FI Alumni have raised over 1.8+ to date.

Onboard to Post-Programs

Get your company to the next major milestone through one of our Founder Labs - a series of advanced accelerator programs where you work closely with our Headquarters team to unlock the next phase of your business.

Get Personalized Help from our HQ Team

Our Silicon Valley-based Alumni Support Team will answer questions, check in on you, and help you through any specific business challenges as you grow the business.
Utilize our Network Search Tools
Book Office Hours with Mentors
Founder Lab image

Alumni also get free access to our Structured Post-Programs, known as Founder Lab

Founder Lab is a series of advanced accelerator programs where Alumni work closely with our Silicon Valley HQ team to reach the next milestones in their business. The goal of these programs is to continue to providing you with (1) a structured process, and (2) constant feedback and support, long after the FI Core Program ends.

These programs are cohort-based, last 3-6 months each, and are conducted via email, phone, and our online collaboration tools.

All Founder Lab programs are 100% free for Founder Institute Alumni

What's included

  • A highly-structured, step-by-step process with aggressive weekly sprints

  • A dedicated coach in Silicon Valley to provide constant guidance and feedback

  • Facilitated connections to advisors, experts, and investors through the FI network

  • Access to a network of global advisors to guide you along the way

Available Programs

Leadership Lab image

Leadership Lab

Goal: Build your skills
  • Learn how to better lead a team, scale a company, manage a board, and more

  • Structured training and deliverables, with weekly sessions facilitated by highly-experienced mentors

Funding Lab image

Funding Lab

Goal: Secure your lead investor
  • Leverage a network of fundraising advisors for expertise and negotiation assistance

  • Structured feedback on pitch deck, term sheet, cap table, data room, and strategy

FI Venture Network image

FI Venture Network

Goal: Get intros to investors
  • Deal syndication to a global network of investors

  • Intros to Investors & Advisors

  • Deal structure and closing assistance

Learn more about Founder Lab at
FI venture Network image

Alumni ready to raise funding can get matched with investors through the FI Venture Network

The FI Venture Network (Beta) is an exclusive network of investors actively funding pre-seed and seed-stage startups before anyone else. With a focus on investors actively participating in a startup's first or second round of funding, FIVN includes angels, accelerators, and pre-seed/ seed stage investors across multiple sectors and continents.

The Results

Our scale of successful portfolio companies across the globe is truly unprecedented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Founder Institute accelerator program is just the beginning of your Founder Institute journey. The Founder Institute will continue to support you in the years to come including the Founder Institute Portfolio Team.

FI Portfolio Team is a dedicated team at Founder Institute HQ with a single purpose: Support Founder Institute Alumni.

Yes. We have multiple members at FI HQ who help FI alumni after their graduation. Additionally, your local chapter members such as local leaders, mentors and fellow alumni will continue to support you after you finish the accelerator program.

Yes. We have multiple members at FI HQ who help FI alumni after their graduation. Additionally, your local chapter members such as local leaders, mentors and fellow alumni will continue to support you after you finish the accelerator program.

  • Run virtual support programs
  • Provide 1:1 feedback and mentorship
  • Add partners that support FI alumni
  • Activate the FI network for founders
  • Hold local and global events for founders

Any, but we focus mostly on fundraising, marketing/sales and go-to-market. If you are looking for a highly customized support, tapping into the FI network is the best approach.

Select Portfolio represents the elite group of the top 2% of FI companies that have demonstrated the potential to quickly scale and grow into an enduring, global business.

  • Customized support
  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Access to FI Global Network

There are no predetermined criteria for Select Portfolio. The best thing you can do is create an amazing team, build a great company and stay engaged.

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