Indonesia Agreements


Below are all of the agreements you will be asked to sign in the Founder Institute. 


The Entrance Agreement 

Founders that are accepted to the FI Core Program are required to sign the Entrance Agreement to complete enrollment and start the program. This is the only agreement you are required to sign to start the FI Core program.  


(Download the Entrance Agreement

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Form of the Warrant v4

The Form of the Warrant is signed during the Founder Institute program, and provides Founders with participation in the Equity Collective.

(Download the Form of the Warrant)

Have questions about agreements?  See the FAQ.   

Form of Board Consent

The Form of Board Consent is signed during the Founder Institute program, and requires the Board of Directors to authorize the company to issue the Warrant required by the Equity Collective Agreement. In general, we note that the Law No. 40 of 2007 regarding Limited Liability Companies does not set such requirement in Indonesia. However, it is possible that the specific Articles of Association of your company requires a stricter approach. Please review the specific Articles of Association for your company and if they require the use of a Board Consent to issue a Warrant please work with your legal firm to use a template.