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Many of the world's fastest-growing startups have used the Founder Institute to raise over $950M in funding, get into seed-accelerators, generate traction, recruit a team, build a product, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Check out some highlights from our portfolio across six continents and 200 + cities below, or see our Recent Alumni News

Alumni Stories

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Do Tuan Anh

Founder of Appota

Jilliene Helman

Founder of RealtyMogul

Branden Spikes

Founder of Spikes Security

Lucy Beard

Founder of Feetz

Featured Portfolio Companies

Top mobile content distribution platform in Southeast Asia. Series B funding. Hanoi FI Alum.

World's largest destination for online courses. 40M+ students, $173M+ funding. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Storage as a Service platform. Acquired for 7 figures within 11 months of launch. Singapore FI Alum.

Formerly iCarsClub, StartCar is the leading peer-to-peer car rental service in China. $70M+ funding. Singapore FI Alum.

Online inventory management for customers and merchants. $3M+ funding. Berlin FI Alum.

Next-generation learning for the enterprise. $1.5M+ funding, acquired in 2019. New York FI Alum.

Peer-to-peer lending app for neighbors. $5M+ funding, TechStars and Amsterdam FI Alum.

Top pet recovery service in the United States and Britain. $3.5M + funding. Seattle FI Alum.

The leading marketplace for commercial real estate investment. $45M+ funding. Los Angeles FI Alum.

Big Data for Retailers & Brands. $13M+ funding, acquired in 2016. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Social analytics and services for content providers. $3M+ funding, acquired in 2019. New York City FI Alum.

Browser security platform from former CIO of SpaceX. $12M+ funding, acquired in 2016. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Real-time market for high-demand real estate properties in Latin America. $2M in funding. Santiago FI Alum.

Vietnam’s leading online flower delivery service. Closed a large seed round of funding. Ho Chi Minh City FI Alum.

Personalized mobile exercise & fitness apps. $3M+ funding, offered funding on Shark Tank. Washington DC FI Alum.

Enterprise social media platform for brand ambassadorship. $8M+ funding, acquired in 2016. Seattle FI Alum.

Software for hotel managers to fill rooms with maximum efficiency. $5M+ funding. Madrid FI Alum.

Inventory management to help restaurants prevent food waste. Winner of the 2018 Greetech Challenge. Oslo FI Alum.

E-commerce portal for small businesses to promote and sell their products online. $1.5M+ funding. Jakarta FI Alum.

Quantum computing for pharmaceutical research. $1.5M+ in funding. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Career management platform for universities to improve job placements. $2M+ funding. Chicago FI Alum.

B2B platform that matches investors with African SMEs. $1M+ Funding. Johannesburg FI Alum.

Crowdfinancing platform for real estate redevelopment projects. $13M+ in funding. New York FI Alum.

Software+hardware for managing home energy consumption. Seed funding from Keiretsu Forum. Bangalore FI Alum.

App-connected fertility thermometers. $8M+ funding, acquired in 2019. New York City FI Alum.

Planetary surface robots for space missions. Part of the NASA commercial lunar payload program. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Software to streamline corporate giving and employee engagement. $3M+ funding. San Diego FI Alum.

European marketplace to rent your car. $22M+ funding, acquired 2019. Paris FI Alum.

Marketplace for businesses to buy and sell waste. Several thousand business customers. Rio De Janeiro FI Alum.

A marketing platform that offers big brands access to global influencers. 57M users. Bogota FI Alum.

Easy tool for non-programmers to create interactive content. $300K+ in funding. Cordoba (ES) FI Alum.

Interactive at-home boxing and fitness equipment. Y Combinator Alum, used by Olympic boxers. Montreal FI Alum.

Provides drivers with feedback to reduce fuel usage. Raised $1.9M in funding. Sydney FI Alum.

Leading LATAM site to find and apply for financial products. Raised $5M+, acquired in 2019. Bogota FI Alum.

Frontline innovation software for the enterprise. $4M+ Raised. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

SaaS monitoring and management tool. $3.5M+ funding, acquired in 2019. Montreal FI Alum.

Tech-driven women's footwear fashion brand. $1.5M in funding. Los Angeles FI Alum.

An analytics provider for the apparel and accessory industries. $3M+ in funding. New York FI Alum.

Water filtration using nanoclay partical tech. 7 national awards and thousands of units shipped. Chennai FI Alum.

Builds software to connect business apps like Asana and GitHub. $7M+ in funding. Montreal FI Alum.

Online platform for receivables discounting with a cryptocurrency. $41M+ in Funding. Manila FI Graduate.

Fast-growing revenue management platform for independent hotels. $800K+ funding. Lisbon FI Graduate.

A custom thermoformed packaging service. Fully operating factory and received seed funding. Greenville FI Alum.

Software to automate the child care business. $5.5M+ in funding. Los Angeles FI Alum.

Brings interactive art galleries to public places and hotels. Triple digit QoQ growth. San Francisco FI Alum.

First immigration robot powered by AI. 500 Startups alum, acquired in 2019. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Connects accounting & ERP systems for enterprise synergy. $1.5M+ in funding Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Transition and succession planning tool for advisors and insurance agents. $1.5M+ in funding. Toronto FI Alum.

Fintech platform that helps individuals save money. $1.5M+ in funding. San Francisco FI Alum.

Performance analytics and augmented reality app for football players. $1.5M+ in funding. Perth FI Alum.

Blockchain microgrids for a decentralised energy future. Seed Funding. Curitiba FI Alum.

Mobile engagement platform for customer targeting. $1M+ in funding. San Francisco FI Alum.

Platform that matches on-demand virtual talent to companies. Seed funding. Washington DC FI Alum.

Fruit and veggie box home delivery service. Highest rated in London, Seed funding. London FI Alum.

Daily fitness passes for sports facilities throughout Myanmar. $200K+ in funding. Yangon FI Alum.

The leading high end fashion retailer in Vietnam. Extremely fast growth. Hanoi FI Alum.

Platform to transform complicated documents into software. $3.5M+ in funding. Sydney FI Alum.

Autonomous drones for industrial and commercial aerial surveillance. Malaysia FI Alum.

Marketing optimization tools for ecommerce businesses. $2.8M+ funding. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Procurement management platform for food & beverage businesses. $1M+ in funding. Singapore FI Alum.

Internal management platform for multi-location businesses. $2.5M+ in funding. Toronto FI Alum.

Leading electronic medical record provider in Southeast Asia. $1M+ in funding. Singapore FI Alum.

Fundraising and engagement platform for non-profits. Fast growing and $3.5M+ in funding. San Francisco FI Alum.

Experience marketplace for culture seekers. Top membership experience in SF, Seed funding. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Fan behavior analytics to help sports clubs increase revenue. $1M+ in funding. Greenville FI Alum.

Fully autonomous drone-based monitoring for perimeter security. $1.5M+ in funding. New York FI Alum.

Blockchain-based cross-border invoice trading platform. Official partner with Bloomberg. London FI Alum.

The company is developing ingestible surgical robots for sedation-free endoscopy. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Commercial real estate lease management platform. Seed funding. Silicon Valley FI Alum.

Luxury styling service that has been featured in numerous media, Seed funding. New York FI Alum.

Community and League Management Tool for amateur soccer leagues. Seed funding. San Francisco FI Alum.

Online education platform to facilitate learning math and science. Seed funding. Sydney FI Alum.

Featured Investors in our Portfolio

A venture and growth equity firm that funds companies from inception through the growth stage.

A Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with $4.2 billion under management.

A seed-stage firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology companies.

A VC firm based in San Francisco that helps founders build lasting technology companies.

Sequoia invests in seed stage, early stage, and growth stage emerging technology companies.

Techstars is a mentorship-driven accelerator with over 13 programs worldwide.

A prestigious seed-accelerator and venture fund based in Mountain View, CA.

Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia.

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It's like getting an industry-specific MBA custom tailored to your business. They don't bother with theory, only the real substance behind actual steps to success.
Branden Spikes

Branden Spikes

Founder of Spikes, Former SpaceX CIO and FI Alum

The real question is: Can the Founder Institute be game-changing for your business? The answer is yes.
Gagan Biyani

Gagan Biyani

Co-Founder of Udemy, Founder of Sprig and FI Alum


Alumni Profiles


Grad Profile

GrowForMe Empowers Smallholder Farmers & Micro-Lenders

By Dustin Betz on Oct 18, 2020
Grad Profile

Founder From Greenville Awarded $100k from Google For Startups' Black Founders Fund

By Dustin Betz on Oct 7, 2020
Grad Profile

Subly Launches Pro-Level Subtitling Subscription

By Dustin Betz on Oct 5, 2020
Grad Profile

Visualyst Transforms TV & Film Compliance Checks

By Phylecia Terrell on Oct 5, 2020
Grad Profile

PeerChecked Performance Data Lets Student Resumes Stand Out to Recruiters

By Dustin Betz on Sep 27, 2020
Grad Profile

TruGenomix, a Veteran-Led Biotech Instrumental in Early Identification & Awareness of PTSD, Raises $1.8 Million Seed Round, Led by Sanford Health & Viking Global

By Dustin Betz on Aug 16, 2020
Grad Profile

ClearForMe Partners with Ulta Beauty to Deliver Product Discovery & Ingredients Transparency

By Dustin Betz on Jul 26, 2020
Grad Profile

SAM Email Delivers Delight to Customer Inboxes with Dynamic & Interactive Email UI/UX

By Dustin Betz on Jul 25, 2020
Grad Profile

Sacramento Startup Responds to COVID by Creating Single Patient Use Bedside Carts to Keep Nurses Safe

By Dustin Betz on Jul 9, 2020
Grad Profile

Endiatx First-In-Human Trial: Watch Pill-Sized Robot Actively Navigate & Capture Video Inside GI Tract

By Dustin Betz on Jun 27, 2020
Grad Profile

FI Alumni Panel: Building Beyond Covid19 with the Founders of Leasecake & Endiatx

By Virginia Graham on Jun 24, 2020