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Nurture your student innovators, accelerate their success, and connect them with global opportunities by partnering with the Founder Institute

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Many universities struggle to uncover and properly support the entrepreneurial talent within their ranks, and unnecessarily limit their business networks to just alumni and local organizations. It's time to think bigger.

Uncover Your University's Entrepreneurial Talent

Every university has immense potential for creating strong entrepreneurs and IP value. By utilizing over 14 years of experience in empowering new startups, the Founder Institute helps top universities like yours to identify, nurture, and empower your next generation of student entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurial Success

Tailored Guidance for Entrepreneurial Success

Since 2009, the Founder Institute has been the guiding light for institutions aiming to foster a startup ecosystem. With millions of data points and a global network of mentors and investors, we offer custom solutions for each university to reach their entrepreneurial potential.

Four Paths to Empower Student Entrepreneurs

Find Your Innovators

Find your most-talented innovators with ourproprietary 'Entrepreneur DNA Assessment’ perfectedsince 2009 using millions of data points to identifystrong student, faculty, staff, and alumni entrepreneurs.

Find Your Innovators

Empower Your Faculty

To ensure sustainable and long-term success, yourfaculty can join FI's 'Accelerator Lab' training programto learn best practices around community building, acceleration, and venture capital.

Empower Your Faculty

Inspire Your Students

Launch turn-key accelerator programs to inspire, educate, and empower your most ambitious students - using FI’s proven methodologies, software platform, and global mentor network.

Inspire Your Students

Connect Globally for Funding

Go beyond your Alumni network for fundingopportunities! FI can train your startups to raise funding, and leverage the "FI Venture Network” to connect themwith hundreds of investors across nearly all verticals andgeographies.

Connect Globally for Funding

An Untapped Opportunity

Universities often have the IP, talent, and infrastructure to foster the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. However, leveraging these strengths to build commercially-viable companies is ripe with challenges.

Misaligned Curricula & Faculty Training

Entrepreneurship is best learned by doing, but most universities have not properly updated their programming to reflect the needs of the market.

Lack of Funding Opportunities

The startup funding landscape has become increasingly specialized, and most universities haven't built an investor network that spans all stages and verticals.

Lack of Scaling Opportunities

To become sustainable, startups require connections to potential partners and customers from beyond just the university alumni network.

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Embark on Your Journey

Transform potential into success

Start your journey today. Contact us to explore how we can partner to shape the entrepreneurial future of your institution.

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A University Where Innovation Knows No Bounds

Imagine a university where innovation thrives, where students and faculty are empowered to launch groundbreaking ventures, and where global connections fuel growth and opportunity. With the Founder Institute, this vision can be your reality.

About the Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator. Since 2009, we have helped tens of thousands of employees and new/ idea-stage entrepreneurs validate, test, and launch startups worth an estimated $30BN. Our mission is to activate and empower talented and motivated entrepreneurs to build meaningful technology businesses worldwide

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35,000+ Mentors & Advisors
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Elevate Your University's Entrepreneurial Legacy

Transform your university into a beacon of entrepreneurial success, where every student and faculty member has the opportunity to achieve greatness.

The Founder Institute is the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. Since 2009, our structured accelerator programs have helped over 7,000 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75BN in funding. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 100 countries, our mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide.

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