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The Founder Institute's mission is to 'Globalize Silicon Valley' by empowering talented and motivated Founders to build impactful and enduring companies that create one million jobs.

Since launching our first Canadian program chapters in 2014, the Founder Institute is proud to have helped entrepreneurs launch over 200 promising companies that have collectively raised more than $15M+ in funding. With regional leadership provided by seasoned Toronto Director Sunil Sharma and Montreal Director Sergio Escobar, along with the guidance of over 650+ Canadian Mentors, the Founder Institute's Canadian program chapters are making a measurable impact across the country's startup ecosystems. 

Over the past year, Canadian FI portfolio companies have raised millions from top venture capital firms, helped train Olympic boxers, pitched to investors on national television, and secured partnerships with industry leaders like IBM and Zendesk. Take a look at the infographic below to see more updates from Founder Institute portfolio companies headquartered in the Great White North!

If you want to learn more about the Founder Institute, check out these FI events being hosted in cities across Canada (and around the world), or apply to join the next program cohort!


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Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $950M in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at FI.co/news, or learn more about their stories at FI.co/journey

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