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Lucas Francioli is the Founder and CEO of MoveMate, a Montreal Founder Institute portfolio company that's building the hassle-free way to move anything. Movemate specializes in moving large and bulky items for customers moving into new homes traditionally, but also for anyone moving large items, such as when buying or selling via local online marketplaces or workplaces. 

Lucas, originally from Switzerland, arrived at his idea to found MoveMate while attending university in Montreal, Canada. While he started out by helping his peers move during their busy finals seasons, he later gained keen insight into how he could turn his successful side-hustle into a scalable business to revolutionize the moving industry. 

By leveraging technology, Movemate matches customers and businesses with moving and delivery solutions, while offering transparency, and a hassle-free user experience all along the way. Movemate also increases its value-add to businesses by helping them off-load their hard assets, and operate more efficiently by utilizing MoveMate’s service platform, to fill in the gaps in existing service models. 

Watch below to see the full-length interview with MoveMate Founder & CEO: Lucas Francioli

Key Topics Include: 

  • The pain points customers experience when working with a moving company and MoveMate's solutions
  • The effects the pandemic has had on customers as well as the moving and delivery industries broadly
  • The customer journey and MoveMate’s unique value proposition 
  • MoveMate’s impact mission and vision for the future of the business
  • Tips and advise for early-stage and aspiring startup founders
I think a lot of people are crippled by fear.  And if there’s one thing I learned at Founder Institute is that ideas are really worthless. It’s all about trying and trying, again and again, and really just maximizing your odds. I’m fully aware that our solution may not work eventually, but it works today, and everyday I try to improve my odds of making it a success.

Currently operating in the greater Montreal area, Movemate is now focusing on growth across Canada.  They’re hiring and looking to expand their service area to additional cities in 2021. If you’re located in Toronto and would like to be a part of MoveMate’s journey, you can contact founder & CEO Lucas Francioli here.

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