Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is the premier legal advisor to technology, life sciences, and other growth enterprises worldwide. We represent companies at every stage of development, from entrepreneurial start-ups to multibillion-dollar global corporations, as well as the venture firms, private equity firms, and investment banks that finance and advise them. The firm's broad range of services and practice areas are focused on addressing the principal challenges faced by the management, boards of directors, shareholders, and in-house counsel of our clients.

CodigoDelSur is a designer and developer of digital products. Having worked with Founder Institute startups in the past, they come as a highly recommended Founder Institute referral. They are composed of highly skilled software, web, and mobile app developers, who are excited to incorporate the latest technologies into the applications they develop.

Xero is everything you need to run your business financials. Work with a beautiful small business accounting software complete with accounting, invoicing, payroll, inventory and more. Xero seamlessly integrates with over 500+ business apps, including CRM, point-of-sale, time tracking, ecommerce, just to name a few. Join the 700,000+ businesses using Xero in more than 180 countries.

Vet-Tech is America's Veteran-led Startup Accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley. With over 100 military veteran startups in our community, Vet-Tech's top 20 portfolio companies have raised over $10 Million in funding and have been accepted into world class programs like Tech Stars and Founder Institute.

Startup Weekend


Through the Startup Weekend Fellowship, members of the Startup Weekend Community who want to start a technology company can apply to the Silicon Valley Founder Institute chapter for free, and the best overall applicant will be invited to participate in the Founder Institute's step-by-step startup launch program for free as well.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Startup Weekend Fellowship for the upcoming semester, you must complete your application and admissions test by Sunday, December 11th, 2016, using this link.

Grant: The recipient of the Startup Weekend Fellowship will be awarded within 5 days after the deadline.

Click here to apply for the Startup Weekend Fellowship.

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Posted by Joe Garza 1 day ago

4 Essential Partnership Marketing Tips for Startups

Being an entrepreneur is pretty tough. The day-to-day life of a startup is a juggling act. Logistics, budgets, competitors, research, customer service – and that’s without the actual strain of building an audience. Audience building is time consuming, expensive and often demoralising. You’ll be pleased to learn... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-17

Presenting the Graduates of the Boston Founder Institute’s 2016 Semester

The Founder Institute, the World's Largest Entrepreneur Training and Startup Launch Program, is proud to announce the graduation of Boston's 2016 semester. After an intensive, four-month program of expert training sessions, challenging company building assignments, and constant evaluation and feedback from experienced entrepren... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-16

The Art of the Hustle: Unconventional Methods for Building a Startup

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce Creativity is the heart of entrepreneurship. The best companies were founded by people who saw a problem to be fixed, a gap to be filled, a demand to be met. But a creative solution is only as successful as its execution. The be... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2017-02-15

How to Instill Value into Your Worthless Startup Idea

To get updates when we release new videos, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. In this talk by Gabe Zichermann, Mentor of the New York Founder Institute, Zichermann shares critical advice for getting your startup off the ground. If you’re reading this, you’re in luck:... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-15

Toronto Startup Intelocate Wins $100K Investment Prize from ResolveTO’s Pitch Competition

Intelocate, a new startup out of Toronto, Canada ,recently won the prestigious ResolveTO's Pitch Competition Investment Prize of 100,000 dollars. The event is designed for enterprises and startups to get together, network, and innovate with one another. The event offers startups a chance to form partnerships, find financing, wor... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-15

Founder Institute & Kworq Team Up to Help Founders Create Beautiful Brands in 2017

The Founder Institute, the world’s premier startup launch program, and Kworq, a creative agency creating digital brand stories and crafting killer experiences, have announced a global partnership aimed at providing Graduates of the Founder Institute the opportunity to create beautiful and cohesive brands in 2017. As part o... (more available)

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Posted by Drew Zias on 2017-02-15

The Most Comprehensive Guide to the Silicon Valley Startup Ecosystem Ever Created

Startup ecosystems can be fragmented, competitive, and hidden to newcomers, which is detrimental for local startups and community growth. The Startup Ecosystem Canvas seeks to provide local entrepreneurs with a clear list of resources for every stage of their startup journey - from ideation to scaling - and outline a b... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-14

The Founder Institute is Looking for Startup Ecosystem Leaders. Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you want to be a leader in your local startup ecosystem? The Founder Institute (the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program) is on a mission to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and is looking for local startup leaders to launch new chapters around the world. Founder Institute Directors play an essential ro... (more available)

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Posted by Drew Zias on 2017-02-13

Startup Marketing: 7 Steps to Getting Started with $100

Here at the Founder Institute, we know what it's like to market a startup on budget. The following is a guest post from Travis Levell, Founder of Project Pivotal where he goes over an effective strategy that will make it seem like you've got $5K to invest in marketing. Enjoy! Every day thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have n... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-12

Hiring More Women Can Strengthen Your Startup

Diversity is a hotly debated topic in the startup world, and for good reason. While critics of diversity may argue that making startups more inclusive can result in the loss of talented employees, proponents of diversity argue that going the extra mile to recruit female workers yields a plethora of long- and short-term benefits ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-08

Medellín Startup Bankity is the Financial App You Need in Your Life

Keeping your finances in order can be tough to do. You probably have a pretty good understanding of where your finances stand from month to month, but wouldn't it be nice if you could not only track your finances but see your financial forecasts for the rest of the month and the upcoming future based on your current spendings an... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-08

Traction & Growth: Turning Your Startup into a Business

In this guest blog post, Shawn Parrotte, Marketing Manager at Designli and friend of the Founder Institute, explains the difference between traction and growth, as well as how founders can turn their company into a viable business. Start-ups are unique because of their ability to scale exceptionally fast. Think a... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-08

Big Progress in the Big Apple: A Look at the Founder Institute in New York

At the Founder Institute, our mission is “Globalize Silicon Valley” and empower talented and motivated people to build impactful companies that create one million jobs. Since launching in New York City in 2009, the Founder Institute is proud to have helped entrepreneurs launch over 140 promising companies, many... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-06

How to Come Up with the Next Big App

As smart phones continue to rise in popularity, so does the need for a more diverse array of smart phone apps. Because so many apps solve a variety of everyday problems, creating a multi-million user app is the goal of countless entrepreenurs. But how does one go about conceiving an idea for an app that will attract a wide user... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-05

How to Build a Startup Ecosystem in Your City

Startups are popping up all over the world, even in regions that aren’t generally known their technological innovation. From the North America to Africa, from Europe to Australia, from South America to Asia, more and more cities are challenging Silicon Valley’s reputation as a global startup hub. However, every city... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-01

New York Startup Easy Aerial Teams Up with Grant Imahara for “Project First Responders”

New York Founder Institute Graduate Ivan Stamatovski started Easy Aerial as a way to make his love of crafting flying robots, drones, an actual business. Easy Aerial is a unique company because unlike other drone manufacturers they create custom aerial solutions for a wide range of different industries. The level ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-02-01

All of the Tools You’ll Ever Need for Your Bootstrapped Startup

Bootstrapping your company affords you more creative freedom in the overall direction of your company. However, relying on your own resources and funds to launch and run a startup comes with its own share of challenges. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of startup tools that are free or cost-effective for the budding entrepr... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2017-01-30

Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs & Get Feedback. Attend a Free Event in Your City

The Founder Institute hosts thousands of free startup events across the globe each year, in over 150 cities across six continents. These events are designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs improve their ideas and entrepreneurial skills, all in a low-pressure environment. At Founder Institute events, you can ... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-01-26

Profits Are Not Enough: 11 Impactful Startups that You Should Know About

Entrepreneurship is not fun and games, and as an early-stage entrepreneur, non-stop work and rejection will become your new normal. If there’s one thing we have learned over seven years at the Founder Institute, with over 2000 companies launched, it is this: In order to power through the hard times of entrepreneurship, m... (more available)

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Posted by Drew Zias on 2017-01-26

InvolveSoft Ushers in a New Era for Social Entrepreneurship

As a Graduate of the San Diego Founder Institute, Southern California startup InvolveSoft (formerly Glipped) streamlines social responsibility programs as a unique service few other companies accomplish. In the past, the degree to which a company embraces social entrepreneurship relied upon their product offering. If a company&... (more available)

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Posted by Drew Zias on 2017-01-25

Over 70 Graduate Companies and Rapid Growth: A View of the Founder Institute in India

At the Founder Institute, our mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and empower talented and motivated people to build impactful companies that create one million jobs. While seemingly insurmountable, we achieved a lot of milestones towards this mission by 2016, especially in India.  As of 201... (more available)

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Posted by Jonathan Greechan on 2017-01-25

Founders With Nothing to Lose are the Most Dangerous

Inside FI gives you exclusive access inside the training sessions of the Founder Institute. To get updates when we release new videos, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Drawing from the old saying “when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose”, Justin Wilcox encourages founders to recognize their most powerful asset in the early stages of starting up. He says by having nothing to lose, you are the most dangerous person in the room.

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-01-22

A Simple Template to Build Your Startup’s Brand Foundation

Establishing the foundation of your startup’s brand is an integral of part of a successful startup, but one that too many founders neglect. Not only does your startup’s brand foundation solidify what your company is and does, it defines nearly every aspect of the operational side of your company, from marketing to en... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-01-22

How to Build an Impactful Company

The number of social impact startups has risen dramatically in the last few years. And who can blame them? The job of the entrepreneur is to solve problems, and the biggest problems that exist are those that affect everyday people. Even companies that aren’t mission-driven at their core are fighting the good fight, from ho... (more available)

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Posted by Joe Garza on 2017-01-19

Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute Officially Launches New Startup Program in Stockholm

The Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, announced today that it is officially launching its newest chapter in Stockholm, Sweden. The Silicon-Valley based program decided to officially launch in Stockholm after a successful test launch last year attracted over 110 potent... (more available)

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