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h2. %{color:tomato}1. Reading Founders Guide%


My key takeaway from reading the Guide was to take criticism in a positive way and address it immediately as an action item by the following week.


_p.s. I also found a broken link at the end of *Incorporate Your Startup* section of Founders Guide, sent a message through *Contact Page*_


h2. %{color:tomato}2. Reading The Assignments%


Upcoming assignments look like a clear plan for the next months to bring my startup to success, however, will require extra effort on my side to fit existing product rollout plan into the FI schedule.


What I find missing is a Personal Development track to help better understand internal strength and weakness, leadership potential, prepare mentally for the fun but stressful journey of entrepreneurship.


h2. %{color:tomato}3. Markup Practice%


I never used +Textile+ before, but I'm familiar with HTML and JavaScript a little. As an exercise to learn syntax of Textile, I created this simple feature comparison table:


h4. Textile Markup vs HTML Comparison Table


|_. Markup Language |_. Cool |_. Not so Cool |

| Textile | Simple as pie | Limited and primitive |

| HTML | Advanced editing options | Need to remember syntax |




h2. %{color:tomato}4. Personal Strength and Weakness%


I am a _+good person+_, _+very productive worker+_ and _+creative thinker+_, but I still need improvement in _+focusing on what's important+_, _+managing my emotions intelligently+_ and _+fighting my introvert habits+_.


h3. %{color:goldenrod}Introduction Email to My New Friends at Yellow Team%


Hi Fellow Yellows!


We had an interesting start yesterday. It didn’t go exactly as planned initially, 

but I’m happy we ended up in this team together. I look forward to working with you over the next couple of weeks.


You can read my professional story on LinkedIn, if interested. In short my key professional achievements include founding 2 large digital advertising companies in Russia  and #1 CRM software provider, setting up and running Adobe Russia 

and spending 2-year of retirement vacation at Microsoft, where I got “Best consumer subsidiary of the year” award, “Best marketing” award, 1 sexual harassment case and lots of fun. 

I also founded an early-stage VC fund (Vestor.In) and sit on the board of a few startups.


My top personal strength are:


# I’m generally a good guy. This is quite rare in XXI century.

# I’m very creative and generate ideas on the fly.

# I’m an unstoppable hard worker if I’m passionate about something.


My personal weaknesses are:


# Not very good at saying “no”, resulting in blurred business focus.

# Get emotional. When depressed, can turn rude.

# Shy and nervous communicating to unknown people.


Here’s a short (30 sec) video about my Minutta app, prepared by my kids yesterday. Exclusively for Yellows :-)


http://vimeo.com/91387647 (this is not a formal video, please do not share for now)


Looking forward to learn more about you all.





%{color:grey}*Pavel Cherkashin*%

%{color:grey}_Chief Trouble Maker_%

%{color:grey}Minutta.com – share your video story%

%{color:grey}E-mail: pavel.cherkashin@minutta.com%

%{color:grey}Mob RU: +7 985 222 6141%

%{color:grey}Mob US: +1 773 997 0621%



h2. %{color:tomato}5.Entrepreneurship Strengths%


I am motivated to do this World a better place. For my kids. For my country. For my internal beliefs. I change the world by inventing new things. I see future a little further than most of the people would see. Because I know how to dream. That's my key competitive advantage. When it comes to making these new things happen I can work very hard, but what is even more important, I can make other people believe in what I do, get excited about it and become interested to join. I know this because I’ve done this before. This is an addiction that can never leave me. No matter, where I am and how much resources I have.


h2. %{color:tomato}6. Expected Program Accomplishments%


I know a lot about building successful technology business in Russia, but some of the latest political developments in my country forced me to move out. US is a great place to live in and the best place to start a technology business, but it is a different environment. Culture, competition, language, business practices. Even ethics. 


I joined Founders Institute to learn more and adopt to this ecosystem. I will consider my time and money investment a success if I hire best advisory board for Minutta, launch killer product and start active user acquisition before August 1 2014.


h2. %{color:tomato}7. My Dream Mentors%


|_. Mentor Name |_. Why I need him |

| _Alexander Garcia-Tobar_ | Alexander has unique combination of expertise in building large business in mobile and video that is desired for Minutta|

| _Mark Pincus_ | Mark might be the only person on Earth to coach us on what to do with our 30M user audience on social networks |

| _Ziv Gillat_ | Ziv could help us better understand our business development strategy in photo industry |


h2. %{color:tomato}8.Motivation%


I just turned 41 on April 4 1973. Could you think of a better age to change your life dramatically? Especially if you have a good chance of going to prison at your home country for being in opposition to the government. 


On the other hand, I’ve been to Microsoft and Adobe. I know how it feels to sit in a sweet jelly swamp and get your monthly portion of sweets falling from skies for making sure nothing ever changes within a mile around your work desk. No, thank you.


I have enough money to support my family and not care about monthly sweets. I want to spend the next 40 years doing things that will make my kids feel proud of me.


h2. %{color:tomato}9. Co-Founders and Recruiting%


I'm not looking for co-founders pro-actively, as I already have kick-ass technical and product development team. However, I'm always open for new connections and information exchange with people in the industry, which I specified in my profile.