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Social impact and environmental  sustainability are now having measurable effects on almost every industry worldwide, and as a consequence, represent some of the most exciting areas to build a startup today. But most of the early-stage impact entrepreneurs we speak to aren't yet aware of the wealth of resources that are available to help them.

With applications for the Impact and Sustainability Founder Institute now open, we're excited to release the Impact and Sustainability Startup Resource Guide, which is currently in Draft v1 below! It was developed by the Impact and Sustainability Founder Institute and local leaders: 

This is just a draft, and while we spent many hours on this research, more input is needed. Please leave your comments on this collaborative Google document to help us complete the list. There are definitely omissions on this current version. 

Are you looking to build a startup in Impact and Sustainability? Then apply to the Impact and Sustainability Founder Institute today!

Startup Stages

There is no one right way to build a technology company, but for the sake of simplicity we have outlined a basic, common, sequential framework.

1. Idea Stage

This is where new entrepreneurs get inspired, learn best practices, develop skills, validate ideas, and begin to build their team and product.

A. Inspire

B. Educate

C. Validate

2. Launch Stage

In this stage, entrepreneurs establish and formalize the company, develop the product, get feedback from customers, and prepare for the next step.

A. Start

B. Develop

C. Launch

3. Growth Stage

Here, a startup proves their utility, receives recognition, and scales up. This usually requires funding, angels, VCs, and ways to connect them to startups.

A. Recognition

B. Funding

C. Growth

4. Impact and Sustainability Startup Success Stories

Successful homegrown companies that have raised significant institutional funding, employ a large workforce, or have achieved liquidity.

  1. abillion
  2. Aspiration
  3. Back Market
  4. Betterfly
  5. Britishvolt
  6. Chezuba
  7. Chief
  8. Cruise
  9. Einride
  10. Empower Eco
  11. Enpal
  12. Esusu
  13. Goodr
  14. Headway
  15. Helion Energy
  16. Mainstream Renewable Power
  17. Optibus
  18. Paper
  19. Persefoni
  20. Persona
  21. Plenty
  22. Redwood Materials
  23. TNG FinTech Group
  24. Treedom
  25. Watershed
  26. Winningtemp


To facilitate the steps, every ecosystem needs strong supporters.

1. Impact and Sustainability Startup Leaders

Successful local founders who lead the ecosystem & frequently mentor newbies.

  1. Andrea Monti
  2. Andrea Orsag
  3. Cathy Xiao Chen
  4. Chris Sherwin
  5. Chris Wedding
  6. Claudia van´t Hullenaar
  7. Hannah Mansour
  8. Ida Svenonius
  9. Jessie Coates
  10. Jo Appleby
  11. Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber
  12. Juan Parodi
  13. Justin Bean
  14. Katherine Brown
  15. Kristine Nagle
  16. Malin Berge
  17. Mark Griffiths
  18. Nicola Cerantola
  19. Nisaa Jetha
  20. Riddhima Bhatnagar

2. Impact and Sustainability Government Startup Resources

Public organizations that facilitate local economic development

  1. Chamber of Sustainable Commerce
  2. Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Network
  3. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Netherlands
  4. Ministry of Environment Denmark
  5. Ministry of Environmental Protection Israel
  6. Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment Singapore
  7. Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development Luxembourg
  8. NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  9. Office of the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
  10. Sustainability Victoria
  11. The Government of Japan - Sustainability
  12. UK Government - Sustainability
  13. US Green Chamber of Commerce

3. Talent

Major local business or tech universities and employers that attract and retain local talent.


*  *  *

Learn more about the Startup Ecosystem Canvas here, and leave us your thoughts on the Impact and Sustainability Canvas on this collaborative Google document (This is just a draft, and more input is needed!)

Are you looking to build a startup in Impact and Sustainability? Then apply to the Impact and Sustainability Founder Institute today

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