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At the Founder Institute, one of our core values is to not shy away from big challenges. After all, our mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and empower talented and motivated people to build impactful companies that create one million jobs. Since launching in 2009, we've operated on six continents, and helped launch over 4,500 companies around the world.

Learn about our global impact and see annual highlights below, or check out some recent Founder Institute Alumni News.

Impact Reports

Built in Quebec: the Montreal Founder Institute 2020 Impact Report

By Dustin Betz on 2020-07-28
Impact Reports

Products as Sticky as Maple Syrup: Founder Institute Canada 2020 Impact Report

By Dustin Betz on 2020-02-12
Impact Reports

Innovation from Down Under: The Founder Institute Australia 2019 Impact Report

By Jonathan Greechan on 2020-01-10
Impact Reports

10 Years of Startup Acceleration: The Founder Institute's 10 Year Impact Report

By Jonathan Greechan on 2019-12-26
Impact Reports

The Founder Institute Europe 2019 Impact Report

By Dustin Betz on 2019-09-12
Impact Reports

The Founder Institute LatAm 2019 Impact Report

By Dustin Betz on 2019-08-10
Impact Reports

On Top of the World: Updates From the Founder Institute Canada

By Dustin Betz on 2019-06-22
Impact Reports

Startups from Down Under Rising to the Top: the Fastest Growing FI Australia Companies

By Jonathan Greechan on 2019-06-03
Impact Reports

The Empire State of Startups: A Look Inside the New York Founder Institute

By Dustin Betz on 2019-05-20
Impact Reports

Tremendous Growth from Founder Institute Alumni, and More Highlights from an Epic 2018

By Jonathan Greechan on 2018-12-16
Impact Reports

Founder Institute Montreal Progress Report: Over $13M Raised by Alumni

By Jonathan Greechan on 2018-12-03

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