Now is the time to build the future. A letter from FI CEO Adeo Ressi.

It's time to build
the future

The Founder Institute is here to help.

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Who we help

If you are at the pre-seed stage and want to build something that matters, then we want to help:

Idea Stage

Aspiring, solo, and even FT-employed founders can use FI to validate ideas, build a team, and launch a business.

Prototype Stage

Entrepreneurs and teams with an initial product can use FI to secure advisors, generate revenue, and begin to raise funding.

Early Company Stage

Established companies at the pre-funding stage can use FI to generate traction, scale their business, and raise funding.

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How we help

Since 2009, our proven methodology has helped over 4,000 companies across 6 continents build things that matter.

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Our Global Network

We live in a global society, so the Founder Institute operates across 185+ cities and 6 continents.

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