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The Founder Institute is working to launch 1,000 new venture capital firms over the next five years to support innovative companies worldwide that are working to make an impact. We believe that the venture capital industry needs more diversity and more innovation.
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We believe in a bright future fueled by venture capitalists with strong values. So, we created the VC Lab program with the Mensarius Oath to help innovative fund managers launch impactful venture capital firms in 12 months or less.

VC Lab is a FREE virtual program that helps new managers to launch accelerators, pre-seed, seed or Series A venture capital firms globally. The goal is to help you complete your first closing in one year or less by providing a supportive community, tactical advice and resources through approximately 25 hours per week of structured work.

Participants work closely with the Silicon Valley team of the Founder Institute and leading experts in launching VC funds, including experienced general partners, limited partners, fund of funds and back office experts. Through the program, you will join private webinars, attend office hours and you will engage with your peers via our dedicated Slack channel. The program also provides managers with the opportunity to participate in Demo Day style events to help accelerate their fundraising efforts.


The Founder Institute has worked with leading fund experts to create a program that has a number of benefits for new managers


Get to your first closing 9 month faster by following a structured process with key resources at your fingertips.


Build strong relationships with cohort members and win competitive deals while accelerating your fundraising process.


Tap into the global Founder Institute network of experts that include general partners, limited partners and backoffice professionals.


Share your experiences with the VCLab mentors as well as with other new managers at the same stage to procure up-to-date solutions to non-obvious challenges.


Start warehousing attractive investments to make the fund compelling to limited partners with the help of Founder Institute’s global network.


Save invaluable time by accessing best-of-breed templates for everything from your pitch deck to legal agreements.


The Founder Institute has been building effective training programs for a decade with a track record of success.


VC Lab has partnered with vetted service providers and organizations to offer you various discounts and promotions to help you grow your fund.

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Application deadline
Sep 01, 2024
Program Starts
Sep 11, 2024
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VC Lab is a FREE program that runs for 16 weeks. The program is conducted solely via email, phone and online tools. The program covers the fund thesis, economics, establishment and investor outreach. When the program is over, there is followup for up to a total of one year on investor prospecting and closing.

Following is a snapshot of the program structure, and here is the full schedule.

  • Weeks 1 - 4: Thesis Refinement & Validation
  • Weeks 5 - 8: Fund Deck & Positioning
  • Weeks 9 - 12: Fund Financials & Overview
  • Weeks 13 - 16: Fund Formation & Funnel
  • Graduation: VC Lab LP Demo Day & More
  • Participants pitch Limited Partners at strategic points during the program.

The Ideal Candidate

Are you the ideal candidate to join VC Lab? Do you qualify as one of the below profiles?

Fund Manager

You worked at a venture capital fund and have managed money for limited partners, and now you are planning to launch your own fund.

Successful Founder

You are a leading founder in your ecosystem, have a grasp on a breadth of industries and founders regularly seek you out for advice.

Accomplished Angel Investor

You have invested in several leading startups and have developed a portfolio which has generated a positive return.

Experienced Operator

You are an accomplished executive that has held high profile roles for various notable organizations and founders regularly seek you out for advice.

Impressive Portfolio

Local Leader that has demonstrated the ability to recruit, graduate, and maintain relations with FI companies.

Exceptional Networker

Local Leader that runs one or more chapters, that knows a lot of wealthy people and potentially has really good connections with governments.

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Application deadline
Sep 01, 2024
Program Starts
Sep 11, 2024
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