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Miguel Silva is the Founder and CEO of Visualyst, an Oslo Founder Institute portfolio company aiming to alleviate the burden and complexities that accompany TV and Film compliance utilizing modern media technology solutions.

Visualyst is a compliance analysis management tool for the film and TV industry. Visualyst helps broadcasters, video distributors, and streaming services rapidly navigate the process of regulatory and audience compliance through data-driven artificial intelligence workflows, assisting broadcasters in releasing content to their audiences much quicker and safer than ever before. 

Now Visualyst is seeking beta customers to test their software and ultimately help shape the future of TV and film compliance reviews. 

In this interview, Silva outlines the challenges that TV and Film broadcasters face in getting their content published across various markets due to a backlog of tedious manual compliance checks currently reviewed with pen and paper. Visualyst aims to revolutionize this process by bringing technology to the industry through data-driven AI software tools that offer broadcasters the ability to conduct compliance reviews more efficiently, and eliminate the possibility of substantial regulatory fines and license suspensions. 

Visualyst delivers significant efficiency, accuracy, and savings by applying modern technology to the regulatory compliance process. You can learn more by visiting their website, or you can check out the campaign for the very latest from Visualyst via their video below. 

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