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The largest factors found to influence consumer decision-making before purchasing products are increasingly often social videos. Vimix is a B2B San Francisco Founder Institute portfolio company helping brands to effectively understand the >60% of consumers who will use social videos to inform their purchasing decisions. The SaaS startup helps brands to understand what consumers are saying about them through online video content, as well as crowdsource the best influencers to create smart campaigns. 

Across organizations brands share two common pain points. The first issue is that brands have a limited content library. This shrinks rapidly on social media platforms which require new content on a daily basis. Added to this is the increased difficulty of engaging with their audience on social media. The second typical issue brands experience is that consumers do not always trust brand-generated content. With Vimix, both of these are heavily mitigated through user-generated content.

Vimix also leverages AI to analyze videos about products at a scale beyond human capabilities, which allows users to measure their social video influence quickly. The startup gains insights from AI analysis of micro-influencers’ spoken words and facial expressions, and from user comments. Through transcriptions and social video listening and analysis, the service determines whether videos have a positive or negative sentiment, which helps gauge the impact of a video’s influence on its customers. In a world where 1.5 billion users visit Youtube every month, and 500 million Instagram accounts use their stories feature, this AI facet of Vimix’s service scalability will especially benefit brand managers.


With Vimix’s advanced AI, computer vision, and data science, 100s of hours of influencer videos that best match brand requirements can be analyzed. The results from these findings make it easier to find great influencers for your next product launch. 

Vimix allows users to contact influencers in their database through direct one-to-one emails, which simplifies influencer outreach and management. Through the platform influencers can be researched by content tone, brand affinity, sentiment, and subscriber count, which allows teams to optimize their ROI for their marketing budget. By using influencers rather than company-created content, brands build their clout in the social world that customers actively engage with. Through community engagement tools, Vimix users can also learn about how their competitors brands are perceived socially. 

Content Creation

“Stories,” or images and videos that are only visible for 24 hours, became popularized by Instagram in mid 2016, and today, a third of these most-viewed stories come from businesses. Facebook followed suit in early 2017 and created their own version of stories, which keeps page audiences returning on a regular basis. 

To keep up with the demand for ever changing and original content, and to reduce expensive video production costs, Vimix looks to users and clients to crowdsource. Leveraging this user-generated content allows the company to help brands save time and outperform their competitors, because according to Vimix, customer-generated videos are trusted up to 12x more than plain text reviews

Once a brand collects videos from current customers, it can curate and distribute videos on social media and on their own websites. Users can then tap into Vimix’s detailed analytics features to monitor how user-generated content has impacted their brand. The startup also provides its users access to their in-house influencer marketing team for brands that are looking to create their own content.

Vimix CEO Dean Grover and COO Adam Dubov’s product helps brands across industries to better understand their customers through detailed analyses of user-generated videos. The startup saves time and lowers marketing costs by reducing the need for company-created videos through leaning on effective, user-generated content, and by partnering with the most impactful influencers. This combination sets Vimix’s clients up for success and widespread awareness as social media platforms continue to dominate the advertising world. Users can test out the Vimix product in a 2 week free trail, and then subscribe on a monthly basis starting at $99/month. 

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