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New Integrations With HubSpot & Zendesk Kick Off Expansion Into Sales & Support Verticals

Montreal, Canada, Jan. 22, 2020 — Unito, an integration solution for workflow automation, is announcing a Series A funding round of $10.5M led by partner Jeremy Levine from Bessemer Venture Partners and existing investors Code Cubitt (Mistral Venture Partners) Sylvain Carle (Real Ventures), and Tom Williams. 

The number of SaaS applications continues to grow exponentially in businesses of all sizes, driven by how easy they are to try, buy and deploy. The addition of all of this software adds huge value, but because these applications operate mostly as silos they are also creating a huge new challenge: How do you work, collaborate and manage across all of these new silos?

Montreal-based Unito (a Founder Institute Montreal portfolio company) has built a no-code, easy to use platform to address this challenge. With its unique two-way sync capability, organizations can automate workflows across disparate tools, teams and even organizations. 

Unito pioneered this platform in the workplace collaboration market — which Gartner projects to nearly double to $4.8 billion by 2023 — specializing in project management and software development workflows where it has gained rapid market traction. It automatically synchronizes projects, tasks, and conversations across these tools, allowing users to work seamlessly without having to constantly switch between apps, and giving organizations an accurate and unified overview of their progress.

The company is now expanding to other SaaS categories to become the “universal translator” for disparate tools at work.  

Lead investor Jeremy Levine commented,

We believe Unito can become a key technology that helps every business to manage the new SaaS reality. We’ve been funding SaaS for years now and have witnessed its phenomenal growth. The result is more choices than ever, but also more fragmentation than ever.

HubSpot & Zendesk Integrations 

Unito has also announced integrations with B2B software leaders HubSpot and Zendesk that will help connect sales and support workflows with the entire company. These new integrations expand Unito’s existing roster of partners with major players — including Jira, GitHub, Trello, Wrike and Asana — and significantly advance Unito’s fundamental mission of uniting work across modern organizations. 

According to David Barron, Director, GTM - Service Hub at HubSpot,

At HubSpot, we believe a strong integration ecosystem is key to success. Unito’s synchronization solution fills a key gap in that ecosystem by letting our customers do more without ever leaving HubSpot.

“The average enterprise now uses almost 1,500 distinct cloud applications, which don’t talk to each other ‘out of the box’,” explained Unito CEO Marc Boscher. He continues, “So we end up spending the majority of our work day bridging information in meetings, messaging, custom integrations and debates on which tool is the single source of truth. Just as DevOps connected developers and IT operations and revolutionized the way they work, we believe Unito is becoming a ‘WorkOps’ platform that achieves the same for the whole organization.” 

About Unito 

Founded in 2015, Unito was created to integrate disparate SaaS applications, enabling workflows that cross the boundaries of tools, teams, and organizations. Unito's workflow automation platform and two-way integrations allow information to flow freely between apps like Trello, Asana, Jira, and Wrike, leading to easier collaboration, more efficient work, and higher productivity.

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