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Trebble FM helps people get informed quickly with shortcasts 

Trebble FM (an Ottawa Founder Institute portfolio company) today launches a Samsung Bixby capsule, available to all Samsung customers in the US. The new bixby capsule helps people stay up-to-date with topics that matter to them by listening to a daily feed of personalized short podcasts on eligible Samsung devices.

Trebble recognizes the need for people to stay on the pulse of what is going on in their world. Consumers have too many distractions and a plethora of content to go through to get what they want and not enough time to discover the content they're searching for. The Trebble platform solves that. Our mobile app available on Android, iOS and now on Bixby, lets you follow different people and organizations that you know and trust, covering topics that matter to you, and gives you a daily feed of shortcasts (short podcasts) to listen to  every day.  

The new Samsung Bixby voice assistant helps people become more efficient. It integrates with your favorite apps and continuously learns about what you would like to help you be more effective, save time and when appropriate, can even proactively suggest you things you should do, like a real life assistant. We are proud to launch our Samsung Bixby voice app(also known as a capsule) on the Bixby voice assistant to bring shortcasts to Bixby users and help them stay in the know on topics that matter to them hands-free. This is perfect for people on the go, whether your jogging, driving or cooking. 

  • Setup: You can find the new Trebble capsule in the Bixby marketplace by searching for “Trebble FM”. You can also easily find it in the “Music and Audio” category or the “News and Magazines” category.
  • Listen to a specific shortcast: If you want to a specific shortcast you are already familiar with, you can just say, “Hi Bixby, ask Trebble FM to play NBA Fast Break”.
  • Discover: You can discover shortcasts to listen to by saying  “Hi Bixby, ask Trebble FM to play a shortcast” and you will be presented with a list of category of shorcasts you can listen to. Choose the category you like and you will be presented with a curated list of shortcasts in that category to listen. Choose the one you would like to listen to.
  • Build your personalized feed: You can subscribe to all the shortcasts you like and make them part of your daily digest. As an example if you want to add the “NBA Fast Break” shortcast to your feed, you can say “Hi Bixby, Ask Trebble FM to subscribe to  NBA Fast Break”. You can also browse and subscribe to shortcasts by visiting our website or using our mobile app
  • Listen to your shortcast feed: With Bixby, you can get caught on what’s happening by listening to the latest shortcasts you are subscribed to. To do so, you can simply say to Bixby, “Hi Bixby, Ask Trebble FM to play my shortcasts”.

Trebble FM also works with leading media publishers and creators in a wide range of categories and from all sizes, from international brands to small independents. Indeed, The Trebble web platform makes it easy to create, distribute shortcasts anywhere where audio can be heard. 

About Trebble FM

Trebble FM is a platform that lets you stay up-to-date with news and other topics you care about by listening to a personalized daily feed of "shortcasts" (very short podcasts) from your favorite sources. You can listen on your phone using the Trebble mobile app available for free on the Apple AppStore or the Google Play store. You can also listen to Trebble on any voice-enabled device powered by  Samsung Bixby,  Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Want to start your own shortcast ? The Trebble web platform allows you to record and publish your shortcast from the app for free and make it available anywhere audio can be heard.  

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