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No matter the type of business, contract paperwork bogs workers down. Creating, updating, signing, and organizing the same forms and signatures over and over again is a pain. Having a lawyer help you to set up the proper terms for your contracts is very important when starting any new business—but for ongoing contract work in small and medium-sized companies, every minute and dollar counts towards the bottom line.

Ignacio Bermeo is the Founder & CEO of Trato, a Founder Institute Mexico City portfolio company. Trato is a blockchain-powered application that enables SMEs to quickly and easily transform their recurring contract paperwork into automated workflows. 

Almost every business has some form of client paperwork that needs constant attention. Whether working with partners, distributors or clients, Trato’s contract automation can save SMEs time and money. Even for businesses already working with another form of template agreement or contract, adding automated blockchain-enabled contract update and signature workflows can hugely free up employee time, letting businesspeople focus on more important things than paperwork redundancy.

Trato has quick and easy setup, and the use of blockchain technology here means 100% verified and updated traceability across all contracts.

Rather than just a simple templated document, Trato automatically generates, schedules and delivers customized agreement and contract documents to all signatory parties. And Blockchain technology automatically updates the contracts of all parties within just a few minutes. And with legally compliant electronic signature features to fit all types of agreement needs, Trato packages everything into a simple mobile interface, delivered directly to the palm of all contract recipients.

After a quick setup, Trato lets SME contract creators schedule automated workflows that send documents securely to recipients, who can securely review and sign electronically. The system can also automatically remind recipients to complete an agreement, with various configurable touch points until the step is completed. Once a new contract or updated signature-version is completed, Trato uses blockchain technology to time-stamp all transactions and archive them in a decentralized database. Blockchain permissions accessibility ensures 100% transparency for all the need-to-know parties.

Founder's Passion for Problem-Solving Precedes Preventing Paperwork

Founder Bermeo has shown a great deal of early success with Trato. In just the past few months, Trato was named by Forbes Mexico as one of the most promising startups of 2019. The company has so far raised a collective $395,000 in seed funding, with Avalancha Ventures among their investors.

To those around him, Bermeo’s success comes at no surprise. At a young age, he self-taught himself to code, and with a wide educational passions and interests, Bermeo constantly seeks out what comes next. Because of this passion, his first company was born, resulting in a training center that he still manages. Then, due to the success of the training center, Apple approached him to participate in their official training offering. This later led Bermeo to form a spinoff company, focused solely on delivering mobile solutions. Bermeo stated, 

This led me to train as a mobile application programmer only because of the incentive and adrenaline that caused me to create something simple and solve a need with innovative tools.

Bermeo found success with his mobile development agency too, and was named a subject matter expert by the newspaper Reforma, to join its group of advisors in the technology section called Gadgets. 

At the end of the day, Trato and Bermeo’s success is due to the Founder’s passion for solving problems. 

I dedicate my full time to my passion for technology, because if I am not creating solutions for companies or clients, I dedicate my free time to create apps to solve the problems that I face every day in my home. When I make music, in my community etc; and from that habit, I have developed ideas that I want to translate into large-scale projects. 


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