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The impact startup TotalCtrl (a Founder Institute Oslo portfolio company) is a cloud-based food waste prevention system that simplifies inventory and expiry date management by providing real-time data on products. To save time and money and to prevent food waste, retailers, restaurants, food banks, municipalities and consumers alike have adopted TotalCtrl's solution.

Now, TotalCtrl has released a comprehensive offerings to help all kinds of food service businesses to survive through COVID-19 disruptions.

Our most recent interview with TotalCtrl CEO Charlotte Aschim (March 2020):

In regards to getting funding for her impact startup, Charlotte commented that,

We have to make sure [the investors] understand that we do have a lot of customers that are willing to pay for the solution, because we are able to save our customers save time and money. And then if you have impact investors, they would appreciate it that we are able to say, we help save X amount of CO2 and X amount of food, or help X number of people get fed. 

Retailers that use TotalCtrl's platform have reduced their food waste by as much as 85% and lowered their food waste costs by 80% in some cases, which is a stark contrast to the average one third of food that is wasted globally. Recently TotalCtrl partnered with the Development Goals Forum as a part of their continued efforts to address food waste at every step in the food production and consumption process.

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