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After careful deliberation and consideration by our panel of judges among each of the 10 Semi-Finalists, we at the Founder Institute are thrilled to showcase the three Impact Startup Finalists who pitched in the live July 14, 2021 global Pitch For Progress Demo Day!

We launched Pitch For Progress to elevate the important work of impact entrepreneurs building companies that help to solve the world's most pressing challenges. We were so impressed by the quality of the 160+ impactful video pitch submissions entered during the open competition period - and we want to thank each and every social and environmental impact founder who took the time create a video pitch and submit their entry!

We were joined live by the 3 Pitch For Progress demo day Finalists, who each pitched to a judging panel of impact and startup experts: MAA'VA, Braze Mobility, and Bloom Standard.

In the end, MAA'VA was the impact startup crowned the demo day winner and 2021 Pitch For Progress Champion - you can watch the full pitch + Q&A event replay, or each founder's pitch individually below: 

Braze Mobility is the affordable blind spot sensor solution for wheelchairs.

Braze Mobility, based in Toronto, is the maker of the world's first blind spot sensors to transform any regular wheelchair into a "smart" wheelchair that automatically detects obstacles and offers user alerts through intuitive lights, sounds, and vibrations.

Founded by Pooja Viswanathan, Braze Mobility works with both individuals and institutions to improve safety, help wheelchare users gain independence, and reduce property and wheelchair damage. It is not cameras - Braze Mobility's technology uses blind spot sensors, obstacle detection systems, proximity sensors, proximity alarms and alerts. The system supports users' right to drive their wheelchair, by enhancing spatial awareness, and leaving them fully in control.

With Braze Mobility, anyone who uses a wheelchair can benefit - and especially those who have low vision, blindness or neglect; have limited upper body or neck mobility; have impaired attention; use alternative drive controls and need to face forward; drive in a tilted position, limiting their spatial awareness; or use accessories that block vision (e.g. backpack, oxygen tanks, communication devices, extended leg rests).

To learn more about Braze Mobility, visit their website here

MAA'VA is a carbon-negative material turning plastic and nonplastic waste into eco-concrete—this startup was named the Demo Day winner & 2021 Pitch For Progress Champion!

MAA’VA, based in Los Angeles, is a carbon-negative construction material turning plastic and nonplastic waste into eco-material that advances solutions to the climate change crisis, global river sand shortage, water scarcity, and rapid urbanization.

Founded by Marieh Mehran, MAA'VA is developing its proprietary, sustainable, and 3D-printable material for affordable housing and beyond, with the goal of reviving the hidden emphathy in architecture and science to better serve humanity and Mother Earth. 

Through MAA'VA eco-concrete, builders can expect to make a measurable impact with lower cost, lighter material, better insulation, reduced CO2 footprint, controlled size of aggregate, reduced fracturing and altering of conc mix, and more.

To learn more about MAA'VA, visit their website here.

Bloom Standard is timely, essential medical ultrasound and eco imaging for babies and children.

Bloom Standard, based in Hong Kong, is deploying the first autonomous ultrasound imaging tech to democratize access to cardiac screening for resource-limited settings

Founded by Annamarie Saarinen and developed by the parents of a child with CHD (Congenital Heart Defect), Bloom Standard is more than just a device - it is a passion that has followed the team around the world. Bloom Standard's goal is to deliver affordable, accessible essential ultrasound and echocardiography to everyone, and at a price that is at least 10x below traditional delivery models.

With Bloom Standard, it is possible to reduce mortality and improve health outcomes associated with delayed, missed diagnosis, or misdiagnosis, and to combat poor access to pediatric heart and lung imaging - for every child, but particularly the medically fragile, including heart defects, pneumonia, and respiratory conditions; as well as to end overly excessive use of potentially-harmful x-ray imaging in children.

To learn more about Bloom Standard, visit their website here.

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