The Summer 2009 Sessions are coming together nicely. Mentors for the first Session, Your Vision & Idea Types, are confirmed: Trip Adler, Philip Kaplan, and Jason Calacanis. You can now view details of individual Sessions under the Curriculum link by clicking on the Session name. Each of the 17 Sessions will follow a 3 and a half hour format, outlined below:

Previous Assignment Review (30 Minutes)
At the beginning of each Session, working groups of 5-7 participating Founders will discuss the successes and challenges of the previous week's company-building assignment. These self-selected working groups will rotate four times throughout the Semester.

Mentor Presentations (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Each of the Mentors will give a 20 to 45 minute presentation on the Session topic. The presentation format is:

  1. discuss positive and negative personal experiences with the topic,
  2. describe critical lessons learned from the experiences, and
  3. provide specific advice and tips to complete the assignment.

Question & Answer (30 Minutes)
After all Mentors have finished their presentations, participating Founders will have the opportunity to ask the Mentors questions in a panel format. Mentors will also have the opportunity to debate their different opinions on the topic.

Founder Presentations (30 Minutes)
Three randomly selected participating Founders will have 10 minutes each to present their approach on the company-building assignment. The Mentors will provide each presenting Founder with constructive feedback.

New Assignment Preparation (30 Minutes)
At the end of the Session, the working groups will convene to discuss strategies to complete the assignment, and Mentors will move between the groups and answer group questions.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the format further, please let us know through the feedback.

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