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I am proud to announce that Founder Institute will offer anyone building a startup focused on space and space exploration with a fellowship to join any of our programs in over 150 cities for free. Our goal is to help launch 500 new space businesses by 2025.

The program, called Star Fellow, is our first effort to inspire more entrepreneurs to create frontier technologies that make humanity better. The process is simple. Just apply to a local Founder Institute program, and, if you get accepted, then you will receive the Star Fellow.

Apply to be a Star Fellow here.

Every Star Fellow will get all of the benefits of the normal Founder Institute program, as well as special benefits. We have added specialized Mentors with experience in building private space companies to help Star Fellows midway through the program. We have various partners lined up to help distribute and even fund graduating Star Fellow companies.

There is no question that launching a technology business in space is hard. From 2001 until 2007, I worked as a cofounder of Life to Mars, as a Board Member of the X Prize Foundation and as a general entrepreneurial space pundit. A lot has changed since then, and now is the time for great entrepreneurs and great dreamers to start working on space.

We are looking for more aspiring entreprenrus, more Mentors and more partners to make this into an amazing reality. Join us to help build the future of space and space exploration. 

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