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SolverGen, a Pitch For Purpose competition Finalist, is accelerating discovery in precision medicine for cancer treatment.

SovlerGen is SaaS platform that leverages the power of machine learning in genomics big data analysis to expedite oncology findings in both research and clinical settings, from discovery to translation phase. Cancer is a problem faced around the world, and a harrowing challenge that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, either directly or through the diagnosis of a loved one.

Currently, both researchers and clinicians working with genomics oncology data sets face enormous barriers. The transition from the initial discovery phases of cellular/animal models and genomics data mining towards the translation phases of human models and clinical trials takes an average of 17 years, and experiences <10% success rate.

However, the cost of full-genome sequencing continues to drop rapidly, from the advent of sequencing the very first human genomes at a cost of more than $2.5B to a cost of less than $1000 sequencing today. The plummeting cost of sequencing ones own genome promises to herald in a new age of precision and individualized medicine—but significant barriers still remain once a genome is sequenced, in reading and understanding the enormous quantities of data contained within the sequenced DNA.

Founded by Jane Sun, a PhD cancer researcher with more than 15 years industry experience in diagnostic development, SovlerGen works to help expedite the processes of developing new cancer treatments and targeted therapies. The SovlerGen SaaS platform uses machine learning to understand enormous genome data sets, and draw comparisons between genomes, breaking down scientific information silos and aggregating oncological information to accelerate discovery outcomes.

In addition to Founder Jane Sun, the SolverGen team has deep reasearch expertise needed to bring this technology to market, including a machine learning and AI-focused Co-Founder, heading up the SaaS platform development and hybrid cloud computing. Additionally, senior PhD and MD researchers from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research are serving in key SolverGen positions as Advisors and official Collaborators - and next step in SolverGen’s roadmap forward will include benchmarking and publications on collaborative use cases.

With SolverGen, researchers and clinicians will have access to tailored oncology machine learning algorithms to help them more quickly and deeply understand their genomics data sets, while expediting the outcomes in achieving new cancer treatments and therapies in search of the cures that will save lives.

To learn more about SolverGen, signup here to watch Founder Jane Sun, PhD pitch live as a finalist in the Pitch For Purpose Demo Day on June 27th!


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