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With applications now open for the Fall 2019 San Francisco Founder Institute, we wanted to share a roundup of recent Founder Institute San Francisco portfolio companies that we've featured as full-length profiles here on the Founder Insights blog.

Operating in more than 180+ cities worldwide, we at the Founder Institute firmly believe that there are talented people everywhere across the globe whose potential can be unlocked to make an impact in the world through entrepreneurship. But being based in Silicon Valley, there is no doubt that San Francisco has something of its own immersive startup culture.

In anticipation of the upcoming Founder Institute San Francisco program cohort, we invite you to get a sampling for the flavor of the SF startup ecosystem by checking out these six promising SF Founder Institute portfolio companies that we've recently featured. Click the popup links at the bottom the cards to navigate to each company's full-length profile pieces on the blog, where you can learn more about each of these rising Bay Area startups and their founders. 

Founder & CEO: Tiago Gavassi

Panic Lobster is the FI San Francisco VR company helping people defeat their public speaking fears by training them in front of virtual audiences. 

Founder & CEO: Genau Lopes Junior 

Yoobe is an FI San Francisco company empowering digital creators and influencers with all the tools they need to make and manage a nearly effortless custom merchandise store. 

Co-Founder & CEO: Alex Cammarano

Daylighted is the FI San Francisco startup making art accessible everywhere, through an art-as-a-service digital subscription technology for commercial and residential spaces.

Co-Founder & CEO: Daniel Wiener

Autobound is the FI San Francisco sales intelligence platform for persona-based lead generation, simplifying the way businesses create relationships and sell their products and services.

Founder & CEO: Luis Javier Hernandez Derbez

Gyfted is an FI San Francisco ecommerce company with a platform built for specifically for long-distance gift giving, and focused entirely on the gifting experience.

Founder & CEO: Dr Xiaoxu Kang 

Kangaroo Health is an FI San Francisco portfolio company that uses A.I. and TeleHealth solutions to reduce costs for healthcare institutions, while also bringing necessary post-surgery care directly into patients’ homes.

If you're a Bay Area entrepreneur building new business towards achieving traction or funding goals, then apply to the FI San Francisco program today!


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Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $950M in funding, and building products people love across over 200 cities worldwide.

See the most recent news from our Grads at, or learn more about their stories at

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