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Co-Founders Shi Li and Duncan Sham are the CEO and Product Manager (respectively) of SAM Email by Airto Inc, a Founder Institute New York portfolio company creating a better, more engaging email UI/UX that delivers dynamic and interactive content directly inside your inbox.

SAM Email recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaigning on StartEngine that has quickly gained momentum, raising $100k in its first few days. Check out the campaign here to learn more, or even invest yourself!

In this interview, Li and Sham outline the inherent problems with 'static' email, how little innovation our inboxes have truly seen in the past decade+ and the many challenges email marketers and brands face when trying to get even the most motivated of customers to complete multi-click complex buyer journeys in navigating out of their inbox and through the completion of a purchase or other website action. With SAM Email, all of these critically important customer journey steps can take place directly within the email itself. 

SAM Email is replacing static email messages with content that creates meaningful engagement, spurring customers to take action all without leaving their email inbox.

You can learn more by visiting their webiste, or you can checkout the campaign for the very latest (video below).

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