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Gülşah Gülser is the Co-Founder of Quin AI, a Founder Institute Turkey portfolio company that is helping online businesses to optimize their revenue and engagement. Quin AI works by harnessing the power of individual buyer intentions from their digital footprints, allowing eCommerce sellers to market their websites smarter through real-time visitor insights.

Prior to founding Quin AI, Gulser was at KPMG as an Associate Director and Deal Advisor for their Global Strategy Group based in Turkey—it was while working in the consulting world that she first realized with her sister and Quin AI Co-Founder Gonca Gulser the value real-time analytics for predicting user behavior was already delivering in other markets, such as online streaming—they identified eCommerce as a target segment with billions of available clickstream data points, but relatively less existing access to the power of such real-time data.

Watch the full video interview with Quin AI Co-Founder Gulsah Gulser here, or see the highlights below: 

Key Insights:

  • How eCommerce retailers can keep up in the fast-changing online sales landscape
  • Why real-time predictive behavior models and targeting can be gamechanging solutions for eCommerce retailers
  • What kind of growth metrics and ROI Quin AI retailers have generated through leveraging real-time data
  • Predictions for how AI applications will change eCommerce over the next decade
  • Quin AI Co-Founder Gulsah Gulser’s advice for early-stage entrepreneurs

Quin AI generates value for e-commerce businesses by targeting each visitor in real time, based on their intentions. Through Quin AI, sellers can deploy tracking for seamless data management, learn and predict using real time behavioral models, analyze their data with cutting edge machine learning, and then activate their community through personalized communication and campaigns through their preferred channels. 

With Quin AI, eCommerce users have seen up to 50% additional lead generation, as well as 10-30% additional revenue - you read more about customer success stories in detail by visiting the Case Studies section of Quin AI’s website.  

Quin AI has experienced a great amount of recent traction, and was featured earlier this year on Microsoft for Startups’ Startup Garage podcast series ‘Innovators Unplugged’: 

Quin is the AI-as-a-Service for eCommerce retailers, unlocking real-time customer data for immediate actions and deep insights that deliver revenue impact - to learn more, visit TheQuin.AI  

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