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The Founder Institute, the World's Largest Entrepreneur Training and Startup Launch Program, is proud to announce the graduation of Frankfurt's Winter 2019-2020 semester.

 We are excited to announce that this last week, eight new companies have graduated from the Frankfurt chapter of the Founder Institute. 

Companies from the 1st batch of the Frankfurt chapter of the Founder Institute are listed below and span across industries such as fin-tech, supply management, social networks, home services, travel, education and training and more. 

As always we are extremely grateful to the time and energy given to the new companies by our generous FI Frankfurt mentors. Congratulations to the new founders and companies of the Frankfurt Founder Institute! This is just the beginning of the journey and we look forward to working with you all going forward.

Founder Institute - Frankfurt’s first cohort

  • Guided Doing - The world needs better explanations. With Guided Doing, the new tool for step-by-step explanations, you can quickly explain the things that are important to you, you can adapt your existing explanations at any time and thus supplement them with news, help your employees and fellow human beings with your knowledge quickly.
  • Mary and Jarvis UG - The All-You-Can-Ask Home Help Service Relieving You from Domestic Activities;
  • Numinous Blue - built a platform that allows you to quickly find the best experiences around the world, together with all the information you need, in one single place. All you have to do, is tell them what you enjoy doing when traveling. Based on your preferences, their design then makes it easy and fun to like or dismiss experiences, conveniently building the base for your travel itinerary.
  • āmasian Event & Business UG - the European branch of Shu & Shan Elite Matchmaking International, an upscale and offline matchmaking service for selective marriage-minded singles;
  • Supplino - Domestic or International Product Supply. - Whether your product is consumer goods, hardware, electronics, industrial products or something else entirely, they have you covered. Whether you want to do it yourself or need full end-to-end supply support, they are there to help. Ask them.
  • TribeLync - TribeLync is a Social Connection Platform (SCP) service used to connect people with shared interests, passions and hobbies develop valuable relationships in real life (IRL) based on the levels of mutual interest.
  • LeadZen - The Simple Art of Casual Selling -You and your friends have good conversation about great products all the time. LeadZen ensures you also participate in the profits your conversations generate;
  • Manycent - a Fintech saving app to create savings from every cashless purchase.

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