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JD Meints is the Founder & CEO of NuLife, a Founder Institute San Diego portfolio company that delivers holistic virtual care to maximize patient engagement and retention in behavioral and mental healthcare. NuLife is a complete virtual care platform solution for behavioral healthcare and addiction recovery professionals, to improve treatment access, outcomes, and profits with an always available, HIPAA-compliant app that delivers care and connects with patients, anywhere at any time.

Sober himself for over a decade as well as an experienced practitioner in the brick-and-mortar recovery treatment world, NuLife CEO JD Meints explains why only technology solutions deployed 'at scale' can effectively address the enormous scope of current need in acute care, as well as provide the dedicated ongoing long-term patient support to intervene at a critical time in the future, far after outpatient care would typically conclude in an in-person behavioral treatment regimen.

Watch the full interview with NuLife CEO JD Meints here, or read some of the highlights below:

Key Insights:

  • Enormous need in the United States alone, where 100k people died in the past year from drug overdoses (1 human life every 5 minutes), and only 10% of those who need help currently get help
  • Advantages of NuLife and virtual care solutions in terms of scale of delivery, and ability to provide ongoing long-term support into the patient's future
  • Key features of the NuLife platform and app, including ability to remotely monitor, host virtual sessions, deliver personalized content, administer outcomes assessments, and more
  • Importance for patients to have personal and peer support networks, and how technology can help to facilitate better outcomes via personal social network connections
  • Where NuLife is headed next, and ways that behavioral health practitioners, industry investors and others can get involved
In providing on-demand care, whether it's professional care or peer support, we [at NuLife] wanted an application where people could drive their own care to an extent, and develop relationships with the providers that best match what they need—and we wanted to give them a platform to build those relationships and connections, all in one place.

NuLife lets behavioral health practitioners step outside the box, and challenge the acute care model with cutting-edge addiction and recovery treatment management that focuses on value-based outcomes and a holistic model of continuing care—for life! To learn more, visit

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