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Alex Norman is the founder of MyCoop, a Miami Founder Institute portfolio company that is simplifying communication systems within buildings. Mycoop is a communication and collaboration platform designed for multifamily residential buildings, and is the fastest-growing global communication and content management platform for building owners, managers and residents. 

In the US alone, there are 4 million multifamily buildings—but less than 0.5% use software communication of any kind. According to MyCoop founder Alex Norman,

As a matter of fact, in most buildings [the only communication system] is a bulletin board, literally. It is paper on a wall, in some sort of common area… that defines communication in buildings. And there’s a lot of reasons why that is inefficient.

Watch below to see the full-length interview with MyCoop founder Alex Norman:

Mycoop is currently hiring for various positions, including: 

  1. Growth Manager
  2. Customer Success Manager

Key Interview Highlights include: 

  • State of inter-building communication systems today
  • What typical multifamily residential buildings actually look like (think walkups, not high-rise skyscrapers)
  • Property Management Software industry back-office vs front-office operations 
  • Latest updates from MyCoop, and open positions the company is hiring to fill
  • How the future of building communications will mirror shifts in workplace communications

MyCoop has seen rapid growth throughout recent months, and has just launched a new polling feature within the platform, giving residents more power to create consensus in building decision-making. The company is currently raising an angel funding round, and is hiring for various positions (see above). To learn more about how MyCoop is changing the communication paradigm within multifamily residential buildings, visit their website here


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