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According to the Kauffman Index, Los Angeles is the 3rd ranked U.S. city in terms of startup activity, behind only San Francisco and New York. This should come as no suprise, as the city is fast becoming an international hub for startups across the entertainment, advertising, fashion, cleantech, biotech, fintech, and even space industries. 

One of the biggest benefits for aspiring entrepreneurs in "Silicon Beach" is the vast number of startup-related events in the area. At these many events, experienced CEOs, founders, and investors in Southern California share their experiences and knowledge with the next generation of startups. 

In the blog post below, we’ve listed plenty of startup events and groups in the greater Los Angeles area for every stage of your startup, whether you’re testing your idea, looking to learn new skills, meet potential co-founders, find investors, or just meet new and interesting people. 


Inspirational Startup Events

The are many inspirational startup events and Meetups in Los Angeles, where you hear interesting stories from experienced entrepreneurs and begin to meet others in the Los Angeles startup community. The great thing about these events is that they are open to the public and very welcoming to newcomers. 


Best Practices Startup Events

Los Angeles is home to a plethora of beginner knowledge-sharing events. These events are each focused on specific topics related to building a business, and feature expert speakers that share their best practices, tips for success, and pitfalls to avoid. Most of these events are free, but some may charge a small ticket fee that is definitely worth the investment. 


Events to Network and Form a Team in Los Angeles

When you're ready to start building a team, it's time to attend events, talk about your startup project, and meet people that share your interests in Los Angeles. While attending any of the events listed in this post can help you meet potential team members, the events below are especially useful:


Builder-Focused Events and Hackathons in Los Angeles

If you have a technical skillset, or are looking to network and learn from people that have a technical skillset, then it is worth looking into the maker-focused events in Los Angeles. These include hackathons, technical Meetups, and other communities that foster people building products. 


Investor Networking Events in Los Angeles

If you already have a team and/or product, then you might be ready to start networking with investors in Los Angeles. There are many events in Los Angeles that gather angel investors (affluent people that invest their personal capital in early-stage startups or entrepreneurs, and generally provide only a small one-time investment to help the business grow), angel investor groups (networks, or syndicates, of angel investors who pool their resources together to invest more money than would typically be issued with a private angel investment), and venture capital firms (large institutional funds that provide large amounts of funding for later stage companies with impressive and proven growth), like the ones listed below. 


Are you looking for expert guidance and feedback to build a startup in Los Angeles?

The Founder Institute is an idea-stage accelerator that works with solo-entrepreneurs, and teams, during the earliest stages of building a business. Through an intensive 3.5 month program, FI participants build their business through a proven structured process, and receive feedback and assistance from over 30+ successful entrepreneurs and investors in Los Angeles. Upon completing the program, Graduates join a global network of entrepreneurs and receive ongoing help to get funding and build their business. FI Graduates have raised over $1.75BN in funding, and are building some of the world's fastest growing companies.

Learn more about the Founder Institute at, join a free startup event in Los Angeles, or apply to build a startup in Los Angeles today.

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