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For every event, meeting, or situation, the way a person chooses to presents themself can set a specific tone. While some are pioneering the online DIY style and makeup scene on YouTube, there are many more of us who can admit, especially when it comes to our hair, makeup, styling, or shopping, that we can obviously benefit from professional advice in the fashion department. 

Mirjana Perkovic is the Founder & CEO of LookStyler, a New York Founder Institute portfolio company that offers a complete marketplace connecting fashion consumers with local stylists for any type of event or occasion. With stylists available in 70 of the biggest shopping cities worldwide, LookStyler makes it easier than ever to find a luxury stylist, regardless of where you are in the world.

Most shoppers turn to friends or perhaps a quick Google search, roll the dice, and hope the stylist they work with both understands their needs and delivers great results. Sure, there may be some basic reviews, but when it comes to style, everything is incredibly subjective. LookStyler consists of a team of experts who understand the fashion and style worlds, and who in turn, are better equipped to connect shoppers with high-quality stylists—and do so within their budget, too.

In exchange for tapping into the vetted LookStyler marketplace, the stylists also win, as they gain more customers and foot traffic. LookStyler even virtually connect shoppers to stylists, making it easier than ever to set the right tone for the day ahead.

To date, LookStyler has brought in more than a thousand stylists and celebrity stylists, located in more than 65 countries—and the company is gaining more traction and shoppers each month.

The company has received a significant amount of attention and praise, including everything from the one-to-watch digital awards London, the Belgian top 10 startups, the Belgium top 100 startups, finalists in the Paris Station F incubator, Milan FTA finalists, HK Lane Crawford finalists, Delo Media Group finalists, and featured at Collision Conference. 

Oh, and there is the notable influence of the celebrity stylists on the marketplace, too. Among the celebrity stylists on LookStyler, they have worked with stars like Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Will Smith, Celine Dion, and Scarlett Johansson.  

Origin Story: a Fashion Girl and the City blog

Prior to launching LookStyler, CEO Mirjana Perkovic launched her career as a prolific blogger within the fashion industry. Gaining traction through building up thousands of followers, this influence no doubt led to the eventual success and monetization of the concept through the creation of the LookStyler platform. For many bloggers, taking this particular leap is often among the most difficult transitions in their career—but in the world of fashion, Perkovic has found her runway to success.

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