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As part of the Founder Institute’s new series of free online startup events for entrepreneurs practicing social distancing, we will focus the next few weeks on building and growing your startup in our #BeyondCOVID future. 

These events will feature global experts on pitching, getting press, fundraising, and developing your brand both during the COVID-19 pandemic and in our "new-normal" future. 

See the upcoming events below:

  1. Nailing an Online Pitch: Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Present in a Virtual World (video from Tuesday, June 2nd) The Coronavirus is threatening to change many of the ways we interact. One of the likely outcomes is that many company fundraising pitches will be given via Zoom or telephone going forward. But raising capital when you can’t be in the room, see the investors, sense the energy, is hard - and the skills you need as an entrepreneur are markedly different. Gabe Zichermann, 6x founder and professional public speaker, shares his tips, tricks and hacks for delivering a perfect pitch even if you’re miles away. 
  2. How to Get Press for your Startup During and Post COVID-19 (video from Thursday, June 4th)Across the world, media professionals and startup founders are adjusting to new realities brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. One likely outcome that's not often talked about is that the way in which entrepreneurs interact with the media will change. Join Conrad Egusa, CEO of Publicize, as he shares his advice for getting media coverage during and post COVID-19.
  3. How To Fundraise Successfully During a Pandemic (Tuesday, June 9th) COVID-19 has significantly changed the dynamics of startup funding, so what does the coronavirus pandemic mean for you as a startup founder raising money? How do you navigate this new landscape? Is funding drying up or are there new opportunities being created? What adjustments should you make to increase your chances of success? On this live and interactive event join entrepreneur and seed stage fundraising expert Will Sacks to learn what you can do as a founder to successfully raise seed financing in this environment. Will Sacks is a serial entrepreneur and founder of GetFunded, a fundraising accelerator for mission driven startups.
  4. Building & Expanding Your Brand: During Covid-19 & Beyond (Tuesday, June 16th) -  If business is the strategy around making something people want, branding is the vessel for showing people what that idea looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes like. Your brand is, by far, the most important function of growing your business, and it’s also one of the most difficult pieces of a company to get “right.” In this session, Jessica Korthuis, Founder & CEO of Sohuis, two-time entrepreneur and global brand strategist, will be covering how you can take advantage of the market changes that have happened as a result of the Coronavirus to build and expand your brand's impact, growth, and profitability. Jessica will be sharing 6 successful components to all successful global brand strategies, and she’ll shine light on how any type of business can pivot and reposition their brand.  

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Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $950M in funding, and building products people love across over 185 cities worldwide.

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