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Jason Merrick is the Co-Founder & CEO of LearnCdo, a San Francisco Founder Institute portfolio company providing parents and caregivers with peace of mind through HIPPA-compliant live video chat with verified pediatric experts, available 24/7.

A proprietary video call tele-healthcare application, LearnCdo enables users to ask their childcare and family health questions to 1,000+ qualified professionals across 20+ disciplines. Experts all go through LearnCdo’s thorough accreditation process to ensure that users have access to only the most qualified and trusted practitioners, available 24/7 from any device or location.

Watch the full video interview with LearnCdo CEO Jason Merrick below: 

Key Topics: 

  • Pre- versus post-Covid TeleHealth and TeleCare product adoption
  • LearnCdo user journey, and remote pediatric care patient and parent UX
  • LearnCdo product features (native 911 dialing, live language translations, ability to review call transcript, etc.)
  • LearnCdo’s social impact alignment with SDGs 3.1 & 3.2 to decrease maternal mortality and neonatal deaths
  • Predictions for future healthcare technologies, including telehealth and wearables
  • CEO Jason Merrick’s advice for early-stage and aspiring health technology founders

Available first in California and Illinois on Android and iOS for a full projected post-beta launch by mid-May 2021, LearnCdo empowers parents to get a medical specialist or second opinion answers quickly and easily, typically within just a 5-10 minute call. According to CEO Jason Merrick,

We connect parents and caregivers with childcare experts, real-time at the moment of need, and provide quality advice at an affordable price.

During the interview, CEO Jason Merrick also presented a social impact thesis for LearnCdo aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 3.1 (to decrease maternal mortality) and 3.2 (to decrease neonatal death). Among the various pediatric expert disciplines that LearnCdo chose to make available through the platform's launch are midwives and doulas - by improving access to these specific care providers, and their associated data collection, Merrick suggests strong trackable social impact metrics for measuring LearnCdo’s direct impact on SDGs 3.1 and 3.2.

CEO Jason Merrick says he does not believe many forms of healthcare will ever become fully-remote, and acknowledges there will always be a need for a human connection only possible through in-person healthcare visits. But he does believe that telehealth post-covid adoption will remain far higher than before, due to society's general increase in acceptance for telecare practices throughout the course of the COVID pandemic, as well as other structural and industry changes, like greater availability of virtual malpractice insurance. 

LearnCdo’s focus on pediatrics offers a compelling area where telecare simply makes sense for the long term: the ability to easily and affordably call up an expert care provider for advice in the middle of the night when a child is upset, is a service whose value any parent can appreciate, and many are likely to continue to call upon (literally) as necessary far into the future, now that these expert telecare services are available. 

To learn more about LearnCdo, get involved as an expert care provider, or join the waiting list to signup for their upcoming full launch, go to LearnCdo.com.

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