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Linsay Moran is the Co-Founder of Unwrapit, a Toronto Founder Institute portfolio company creating a better way for enterprises to gift virtually and experientially. 

Unwrapit helps build relationships through meaningful and measurable gift experiences; grows gifting ROI with streamlining logistics; and reduces carbon footprint by eliminating unwanted swag items destined for landfill. Unwrapit just recently launched publicly in April 2021 at Unwrapit.com.

Watch the full interview video with Co-Founder Linsay Moran below: 

Key Topics: 

  • Scope of problems and unwanted waste across the spectrum of the gifting space
  • Experiential gifting and what Unwrapit means by creating meaningful connections 
  • Definitions of Circular Economy and designing waste out of systems from the start
  • The future of (virtual) gifting in the hybridized and remote-work enterprise world
  • Launch of Unwrapit gifting platform and how to try out experiential, virtual gifting

What sets Unwrapit apart is gifts that are experiential, digital, practical or charitable; but are never physical and are always delivered to the receiver virtually. By design, these gifts don't require any shipping delays, any waste and hassle of physically wrapping and packaging, and don't end up tossed in the landfill. With Unwrapit, you can give an e-gift card, 10 trees planted, a professional headshot appointment with a photographer, a streaming subscription, and much more.

We've done a lot of reading, a lot of research - but I think most people will agree that ultimately the best gift is the gift that someone wants. So that may mean that someone can enjoy it, that they can use it, or that they can pay it forward... and that kind of goes back to the whole meaningful connections piece: giving the person a choice, curating a list of options that we think might matter to them. The sentiment is always there in a positive way when you give something, but feeling like you recieved something that is personal and more tailored is obviously going to resonate further

Together with co-founders Peter Deitz and Taylan Pince, Linsay Moran and the Unwrapit team have launched a platform that offers a unique alternative to corporate and event gifting: one that is socially and environmentally conscious. 

With Unwrapit’s enterprise-ready virtual gifting solution, post-covid companies and ‘hybrid’ events organizers will create extraordinary giving experiences, without wasting resources on ineffective swag and promotional throwaway goods - and that outcome will be a gift to everyone, and the planet.

To join the future of experiential, virtual gifting, go to Unwrapit.com 


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