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Renzo Zagni is the Co-Founder and Head of Product Development at Intelenz, a Silicon Valley Founder Institute portfolio company. Intelenz leverages the power of AI and machine learning to automate workflows and day to day processes for large enterprise organizations. 

Process automation enables enterprises to design workflows that reduce manual work, minimize risk, and accelerate process execution times while increasing overall business productivity.  In short, process automation allows business to do more, with less, while also eliminating the risk of employee burnout, human error and extended product delivery outcomes.  

Intelenz’s platform includes a patented No-Code 'Virtual Process Manager' software, which uses AI and machine learning models through an intuitive user interface. The technology empowering business teams to achieve complete process digitalization, resulting in lower operating costs and faster process execution.

Watch below to see the full-length interview with Intelenz Founder, Renzo Zagni.

Key Topics Include: 

  • The founder’s personal journey and startup experience
  • Intelenz’s no-code features, use cases, and customer archetypes
  • Tips for successfully securing a U.S. patent
  • The company's mission and the future of digital automation
  • Tips and advice for early stage and aspiring startup founders

Renzo leaves us with his, “what I wish I knew” wisdom for early stage founders and aspiring entrepreneurs: 

Don’t develop a single line of code until you’re very clear on what your value proposition is going to be, and until you’ve found product market fit. Even if it means building some mock-ups, get that feedback from your customers.  Do that before you start investing cash into your venture.

Intelenz is currently launching the 2.0 version of their software. If you’re interested in piloting their product or would like to provide feedback, you can leave them a message through the contact page on their website at https://www.Intelenz.com

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