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Armed with a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA, Errette Dunn was poised to make a major impact in the world. Shortly after beginning his corporate career, Dunn found himself working at large companies like Toyota and Airbus, where he was able to put some of his wide variety of skills to use.

I’m an Industrial Engineer by trade, MBA by chance, rock-star by night, entrepreneur at heart and proud father of four,

says Rever CEO Errette Dunn. He quickly carved out a niche for himself by providing valuable feedback about program efficiency. His skills were noticed and Dunn found himself training and coaching executives, managers, and engineers on the methods for maximizing the value of their work.

For the last decade I have been helping teams and business units in Europe, Japan, Mexico and USA to become more effective, efficient and, therefore, accomplished.

Although Dunn was providing a valuable service to corporations, he longed to make the fabled jump from employee to entrepreneur and turn his ambitions into reality. After entering the Founder Institute Silicon Valley chapter in 2015, he was able to create Rever and he emerged from the program as CEO of the early-stage startup, which creates an app that helps companies innovate efficiently and implement best practices.

I started with nothing but a vision; today, I have a real company with a real team building a real product. That wouldn't be the case without the help of the FI program.

The innovation management app guides managers and employees in a step-by-step process enabling ideation and guiding users on how to execute these ideas. Not only does Rever enable this intrapreneur process, but it also gamifies the system via ReverScore, rewarding users with gift cards or company benefits for their innovation.

Most companies are under a tremendous pressure to find opportunities to improve their products and services...At the same time, most of those organizations overlook their most precious source of useful insights to drive innovation: their frontline employees.

Rever aims to fill this corporate blindspot and become the future of frontline innovation, becoming a service that corporations see as a necessity to solve the struggles associated with internal innovation. 

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Graduates of the Founder Institute are creating some of the world's fastest growing startups, having raised over $900M in funding, and building products people love across over 185 cities worldwide.

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