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Our San Diego Founder Institute has some notable Graduates that we are proud to see make such a positive difference in the world. One of the most promising of our San Diego chapter is the company InvolveSoft, launched by Gaurav Bhattacharya and Saumya Bhatnagar.

They've both created a software enabling corporations to better manage their community and volunteerism programs. As an all-in-one platform, it helps streamline all the work normally applied to creating volunteerism within companies. The software also helps with leadership and training, plus diversity and inclusion.

It's this and more that helped Gaurav and Saumya manage to recently raise $2.5 million for their venture.

Where the New Funds Will Go

The fundraising Gaurav and Saumya raised comes from four different companies: Greycroft, Bertelsmann, Launch Capital, CrowdSmart, and Noname Ventures.

Raising $2.5 million like this for any company isn't always common, though it all happened thanks to the unique services of InvolveSoft. Most of all, it's been reported that millennial engagement and sales traction of the platform were a major deciding factor in the venture fundraising.

With this significant capital, Gaurav says they plan to invest the money into better application technology, expand their sales channels, and continue to grow their volunteer event content.

This still doesn't give you a complete picture of what InvolveSoft does. Undoubtedly, additional appeal comes in how easy the software is to use.

A Look at InvolveSoft Features

To get started using InvolveSoft, they give you a page of volunteerism categories to choose from so you make a smart choice based on your business's skill sets. If you don't really know which cause to support, they'll help you find something in your local area best fitting your business criteria.

As the site notes, choice drives participation, which is the real secret to successful volunteer programs. They also have a booking feature for teams and individuals participating. Using email notifications, newsletters, and surveys, you can connect and invite participants easily without requiring multiple sources.

You'll also find an efficient way to create reports and share the results of your volunteer program efforts. This is easily divided up so employees can post details about what they're doing through their contributions.

Background On Gaurav and Saumya

Gaurav Bhattacharya received a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering through California State University-Long Beach and later completed a master's degree in computer software engineering at Harvard. He managed to combine these skills working for such companies as PwC, and working in product development at Cymer.

Gaurav's partner, Saumya Bhatnagar, received a master's degree in computer science as part of her education, and co-founded a tech company that created a data mining application, and served as an Intern Software Development Engineer at ASML

With InvolveSoft, they both created a path many other entrepreneurs have through the San Diego Founder Institute: Creating a neglected service niche for businesses big and small.

What is the Future of InvolveSoft?

Recently, Gaurav and Saumya were quoted as saying:

We're excited to support the evolution of business values while doing good across thousands of causes and communities.

This combination nurtures a truly ethical company already taking off with many startups. With an unmatched volume of volunteer event content, they can easily compete with any competitors.

Their ability to attract considerable funding will only help them grow their assets, as well. Ultimately, though, Gaurav and Saumya prove creating a unique service with technology is worth more than gold.

Click here for more information on Involvesoft.

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