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In this video series Kevin Garrett, Co-Founder & CEO of Food4allGlobal.com (Founder Institute East Bay Area) and guests explore the technology, mission, and vision behind the aquaponics startup. 

1. How Food4All Is Putting Farms Into Homes 

 The company CEO, Kevin G outlines how his company is working to put farms into people's homes in places like Nigeria.

2. FOOD4All Explains Why We Need To Move Away From Beef

Food4All breaks down why we should move away from beef, and part of the problem with our current model  

3. Food4All Explains what Exactly Is The "Developing World"

Food4All's CEO, Kevin G breaks down the term "Developing World" and how they are planning on serving and delivering to this market 

4. Food4All The Team Putting Farms Into Homes

Food4All describes the team behind this effort to place farms into homes and answers the "why them" question 

5. How To Help Food4All Put Farms Into Homes

Food4All outlines how people can help them put farms into homes, and gives a brief summary of the company 
To learn more about aquaponics and Food4All, visit https://food4allglobal.com
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