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Buckle up, because booking a private jet is now almost as fast as taking one. Thanks to Luxembourg Founder Institute portfolio company Global Jet Bookings, making a well-informed decision for an upcoming trip via private jet can now be done in a matter of minutes on mobile devices or on the web, and at the lowest available rates in the booking industry. With over 3,000 operators, brokers, and online booking platforms in existence globally, this startup’s consolidating metasearch engine creates the fastest way to search for, compare, and book seats on private jet flights. Additionally, the Luxembourg-based startup provides customers with the real time flight status of available private jets in their airport of interest.

GJB helps travelers jettison the standard 4-10 hours spent manually searching for and comparing flight statistics, such as best prices, timing, and availability of aircrafts. On the provider side, GJB’s consolidating engine helps mitigate a number of logistic and resource inefficiencies. To begin, the increase in customer knowledge of available jet whereabouts can lower the number of empty return flights. The resulting win-win situation helps optimize the usage of flight-required resources from personnel to fuel costs, which in turn can lower costs for customers. Providers also benefit from the increase in passengers by spending more time in the clouds rather than on the ground. As the company states in their video, GJB is: 

The only way to scan in several seconds thousands of service providers in the world with the answer at your fingertips.

Their website connects customers directly with an operator or a broker. Through their business model, GJB charges 2.5% of the flight price, which according to the company, is ¼ of the lowest industry standard’s going rate—the broker affiliate average is 150 euros per month. GJB believes that this difference will help fuel their competitive advantage in a market worth $25B USD (generated with private jets and represented by 30M flown hours). Travelers can submit their payment through PayPal, and GJB charges a block fee of 4% after a flight has been booked.

GBL benefits groups and individuals: 

With access to flight information, both individuals and small groups can take advantage of GJB’s offerings. For starters, Global Jet Booking helps close the transportation gap for travelers who need to reach locations that are inaccessible to commercial airlines. Similarly, travelers with complicated route schedules such as executives and entrepreneurs will benefit from GJB’s all-encompassing logistical options. The convenience, security, and flexibility their services provide also appeal to travelers who regularly fly business and first class. Traveling sports teams and companies that need relocation for trainings and retreats will be able to easily rent a jet for small groups of 10-20 through HITBLU’s convenient and simple user interface. With small groups, this is often the more cost-effective route, compared to buying commercial airline tickets. 

In preparation for GJB’s takeoff, 3 co-founders have convened to join forces. The universal air charter search was created by Founder Institute Luxembourg alumni and multilingual CFO Viktoriya Gavrysyuk together with her partners, including IT developer Matthew Rymer in early 2017. The co-founders’ combined backgrounds prepare them for success: Gavrysyuk has 12+ years of experience in chartering and managing private jets, and Rymer, who works with aviation software, developed “ReturnJet,” a charter plane network that cuts out brokers who pose as operators.po

Their advisor Fabrice Testa, who has launched multiple startups, is Global Jet Booking’s 4th personnel member to board their cabin crew. The team plans to take off and launch their inaugural “flight” on in May of 2020.

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