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Shilpa Sharma is the Co-Founder of Flyte, a natural language AI startup and a Seattle Founder Institute portfolio company. Flyte generates meeting summaries in a customizable way, automatically providing key insights, next-step do-to's, and helpful analytics.

Flyte leverages the advantages of their groundbreaking AI to focus on the key information from meetings and conversations. Flyte also promises state-of-the-art data protection to ensure all conversations are secure, and valuable information remains safe. Integrations with other apps like Zoom, Salesforce, and Outlook are available as well. Flyte is currently offering free 30-day beta trial access on their website: FlyteAI.com.

Watch the full video interview with Flyte AI co-founder Shilpa Sharma, or see the highlights below:

Key Insights include:

  • The tangible impact of saving time in meetings
  • How to become an early adopter of Flyte AI
  • Real-life use cases for Flyte AI’s beta 
  • Co-Founder Shilpa Sharma’s predictions for the future of conversational AI
  • Co-Founder Shilpa Sharma’s tips for entrepreneurs
  • Where Flyte AI is headed next

Flyte’s top-line impact for any company starts with sales team members saving time on notetaking, and instead engaging more fully in the conversations where their focus should be. The productivity of sales teams, as well as other company-wide teams, will always improve with a greater focus on the conversation at hand, instead of on notetaking. Co-founder Sharma explains,

“If [team members] were spending two-hours in a day, we could save 80 percent of that time spent notetaking. The rest of that is time they can innovate; they can sell; they can market - all the sorts of things they do to really contribute to their companies.

Becoming an early adopter of Flyte’s beta allows companies to become partners in the process of crafting the future of Flyte's conversational AI. Co-founder Sharma notes the possibilities of becoming a ‘design partner’ of FlyteAI,

“Every Monday or coming week, [beta users] get to see new features… and then they report to us, ‘Oh, you know what? I really like this feature. We really like this. Maybe we could tweak this.’ So, they become more of a design partner with us, they come up with the new ideas alongside us.

Flyte users have taken notes through the application in ways that had not been expected, as well, and the real-world use cases of Flyte have led to their improvements in the natural language AI. Co-Founder Sharma explains,

“What we realized is when people start to use the product, they take notes literally dictating to the platform: ‘Today I’m going to do this, this, or this,’ and they want that dictated text to go and create notes on - those are things that we are realizing, and working to enhance.

Co-Founder Shilpa Sharma expands on the future of natural language AI over the next 5-10 years, and how the workplace will change as a result. She predicts,

“I believe in the long-run that conversational AI is going to grow really fast, because more and more applications are going on voice-based applications… from a software standpoint, I believe in the next 5 to 10 years, these software will be such that, if you are searching something, it should be voice-based...That searching should be so powerful, that when you are having a conversation with the software, it should be able to bring those results quickly.

Co-Founder Shilpa Sharma has also gained valuable experiences through the process of founding Flyte, and offers a few key pieces of advice to technology entrepreneurs. First, maintain high-momentum. Second, surround yourself with brilliant people. Third, maintain a customer focus, where listening is key. She focuses on this third point, saying,

“Being customer-focused and being good listeners: really understanding what exactly they really think about it… That becomes your strategy. Being close to your customer is the key for a startup to learn and to grow faster.

Flyte recently joined TechStars, as part of the 2021 cohort. The development of Flyte AI depends on user feedback, especially through their currently-available open-beta access. Flyte’s Co-Founder encourages anyone interested in easier note-taking to take part, saying,

“Everyone is looking for something to help automate note-taking. So, I would encourage everyone to go to our website www.FlyteAI.com and feel free to sign up to become one of our beta users. We would love to work with you and get your valuable feedback.

Flyte’s note-taking application is currently available through their beta launch, and will become available to everyone as they continue to iterate through early user feedback. For more information on Flyte’s conversational AI and to join the beta program, visit FlyteAI.com.


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