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The world is facing enormous challenges, as outlined by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We at the Founder Institute though firmly believe that entrepreneurs will drive the innovations leading to a more sustainable future - but the future of food and agriculture is a far from settled debate.

Currently, unsustainable agricultural practices range from increasing pesticide resistance contributing to overspraying of dangerous chemicals, to fertilizer nutrient run-off eutrophication polluting global aquatic ecosystems, and from a growing global appetite for high-carbon footprint meats, to the utterly inhumane treatment of animals through much of the industrial livestock industry - and while these issues of course vary in magnititue of intensity from location to location, they all need to be solved to an extent if we hope to build a more sustainable food system. In conjunction with the FI Center of Excellence for Foodtech Helsinki Founder Institute's Fall 2019 program, we're proud to share this list of current top FI portfolio companies.

Founder: Sergio Ballester

Indigo Drones is an FI Costa Rica precision agriculture and data intelligence company, using UAVs to deliver big data to small farmers. 

Co-Founder: Emilie Vanpoperinghe 

Oddbox is an FI London ag-tech service that purchases imperfect fruits and vegetables directly from local farms, and sells for a fair price via CSA model, delivering fresh produce directly to customers' doorsteps, for less.

Co-Founder & CEO: Charlotte Aschim

TotalCTRL is the FI Olso startup combating commercial food waste through a SaaS solution for tracking food expiration dates coupled with dynamic pricing cability.

Founder & CEO: Tijam Moradi

Plate Analytics is an FI Helsinki startup with the complete CRM solution for restaurants: from inventory management, to table and menu management.

CEO: Daria Golovina

Rågflö (Heritage Brews) is an FI Helsinki foodtech company brewing fermented, non-alcoholic beverages - inspired by traditional recipes and infused with the modern values of healthy lifestyle and reduced alcohol consumption.

Co-Founder & CEO: Surasit Sachdev 

Hungry Hub is an FI Bangkok portfolio company delivering convenient meals under 80 Bht, from top-curated street food vendors and restaurants. The team recently closed a $450k funding round with investors including 500 Startups and others.

Founder: Chris Braine

Cellr is an FI Perth portfolio company with a solution to beat wine counterfeiters, while automating bar and restaurant wine and spirits bottle inventory maintenance. The foodtech solution uses a combination of RFID, blockchain, and tamper-proof seals to guarantee provenance of origin. 

Founder: Vicente DyReyes

Craft and Savor is an FI New York portfolio company reinventing snacking with a full suite of wellness food options. The startup is muscling out vending machines and junk food delivery with healthy and nutritious snackable offerings, delivered by hand to customers all throughout New York City.

Founder: David Stevens 

IG Works is an FI San Diego startup that offers beautiful space-conscious gardens for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers right in your living room.

Founder & CEO: Thibaut Lagorce

Foodette is an FI Paris foodtech service offering committed selection of raw ingredients, fresh products, and seasonal recipes, delivered to you, with respect for humans and the planet.

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