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 The words “easy” and “migration” are very often at odds with one another. Nargiz Mammadova is the Co-Founder & CEO of Destin AI, a Toronto Founder Institute portfolio company that has developed an AI chatbot that is making it easier to immigrate to Canada.

As a startup Founder, there are countless reasons why you may want to migrate from your home country to North America. Be it the vast amount of early-stage investors, tapping into an ideal customer segment, access to a stronger pool of experienced early-stage employees, or even just faster internet speeds, there are many things to be desired in North America. And while there are unique challenges for Founders seeking to immigrate to the United States, Canada is very often just as suitable a location for entrepreneurs looking to expand their available opportunities. 

Destin AI is an artificially intelligent immigration chatbot that you can connect with directly through Facebook Messenger.

By chatting with Destin (the name of the AI bot), the company helps forthcoming immigrants make their way to Canada. According to CEO Nargiz Mammadova, 

Our bot ensures that applicants receive fast and accurate answers to their questions, checks their eligibility and our platform connects them with a professional immigration expert based on their needs so that their documents are prepared correctly and expediently.

It should come as no surprise that the team behind Destin is both incredibly diverse as well as composed of successful immigrants themselves, hailing from China, Moldova, and Iran. And like her team, Destin AI’s CEO, Nargiz Mammadova, is also a successful Canadian migrant, who was born in Azerbaijan. 

Migrating to a new country is a huge challenge in and of itself, but developing an AI-powered solution that helps other people navigate these confusing and foggy waters is an entirely different challenge. Fortunately for future Canadian immigrants, the Destin AI team is skillfully doing just that, and their initial success shows that their users and the market agree.

Since launching a year ago, Destin has had thousands of chat interactions, a tremendous month-over-month growth rate, and pulled in a great deal of interest among immigrants and immigration lawyers alike. To date, the company has also been accepted into the NEXT AI program with $50,000 in funding, accepted to the Legal AI Challenge, and received a $10,000 grant from Toronto City Hall and Jusoor Disruptor Labs.

The Human Touch, with AI in the Mix

Be it for a new life or starting a new business, there are so many reasons why someone may want to move to Canada. Destin AI’s chatbot adds a human touch to the process of immigration, simplifying the initial steps through a conversational format - but with significantly fewer people involved and less contradictory information. It means an immigration experience that starts with less Googling, less scrambling to find where to file paperwork, and not going in blind in finding the legal support that many immigrants need.

After an initial check to see if someone is eligible, the Destin AI system helps future migrants with visas for visiting, education, work, post-grad work, investments, startups, and of course citizenship. Once eligible, Destin helps immigrants find and self-file the proper paperwork, connect with lawyers, and tracks progress on their status all along the way.

AI Supported Migration to Canada

According to a Vancouver Sun report, more than 45 million people from across the globe want to move to Canada. That’s a staggering number considering the entirety of Canada’s population is only around 37 million right now. Today, 67 percent of Canada’s population growth is due to immigration, which is projected increase significantly further by 2035. For now, officials are stating that nearly one million new immigrants are set to enter the country over the next three years. That’s a lot of people being introduced to a very complicated process! 

But with Destin AI at their fingertips, the processes can be made simpler. Though the Destin AI team is cause oriented, they are hard at work in a market that is begging for disruption—and that opens the door for substantial growth opportunities. Keep an eye on Destin AI—and if you’re looking to chat Canadian immigration, don’t be shy, make sure to say hello!


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