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Now, more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs to build the future. 

To keep people safe and #StopTheSpread, the Founder Institute has moved our 30+ operating startup accelerator programs to a virtual format, scheduled multiple online startup events per week to help entrepreneurs build businesses from home, and released several resources to help startups operate during these unprecedented times. 

Our singular focus is to continue providing the highest quality pre-seed accelerator program in the world, while keeping everyone safe and recognizing local and regional health advisories. 


1. Online Startup Events

We have moved all in-person events to an online format for the forseable future, while also running several new online events every week. See all the online startup events we are running at

These events will always be free, and you can get feedback and advice from top entrepreneurs from across the globe. 


2. Upcoming Accelerator Programs

We have fully transitioned all operating Founder Institute programs to a virtual format, and are planning to start most upcoming cohorts online as well. In fact, we are already running virtual programs in 30+ cities across four continents (including our flagship Silicon Valley program).

Founders in these programs are joining interactive feedback sessions with mentors over Zoom, collaborating with their cohort via Slack, leveraging our newly released Virtual Office Hours Tools to speak privately with mentors, using our existing backend course tools to build their business, and getting access to new benefits like weekly "AMA" events with Silicon Valley leaders. 

As soon as local governments and officials deem it safe in each city, we will move back to our normal in-person program. 

You can see a list of currently enrolling programs at, and if you have questions about how our virtual programs will operate, please see our Virtual Program FAQ, or reply to any email you have received from us.

Were are here to help. 


3. Open Source Startup Resources

This is truly an unprecedented time, and as the situation has evolved we have sourced as much feedback, resources, templates, and more from our global network to release to the public. ANYTHING that can help. 

See the list of currently available resources below, or check our blog at

    • Call for COVID-19 Solutions Directory: This document is an open source directory for solutions to COVID-19 related problems. Too many people are waiting for their governments to act, but entrepreneurs and innovators can help. This is an open Google document outlining the various ways startups can help, with examples of those currently taking initiative. 
    • Sample Coronavirus Plan for Business: When the virus impacts your business, a good plan is essential to the ensure the safety of your employees and the continuity of your operations. With chapters across 60+ countries running in-person programs, ee spent several weeks developing comprehensive policies (and emails to communicate and enforce those policies) to make a transition. We used this experience to create a template for anyone to copy, edit and use. 
    • Together we can solve the world’s largest and most complex health issues. On this site you can find a collection of tools, resources, information and updates on COVID-19.  


4. Looking Ahead 

(a message from the CEO of the Founder Institute, Adeo Ressi)


"The global lockdown has given the planet a moment to recover and given our minds the freedom to see beyond our daily routines. We are reflecting on the lives that we lead. We are asking big questions. What can be? What is next? 

Now is the time to build the future we want to see in the world. 

Industries are changing. Incumbents are being disrupted. Thrust upon us are new ways of living and working. Ideas that previously required years to scale are now viable in days. Many talented people are sitting at home looking for what is next.

Let’s make this special moment count. The Founder Institute is here to help.

The last few weeks have shown that we measure the value of life more than money and convenience. So much has changed in such a short period, and more changes are on the way."

- Adeo Ressi

- CEO of Founder Institute



We would love to hear suggestions on policies that we should add, amend or remove by emailing

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