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Over the past several weeks, we have seen the international community grapple with the terrible effects and growing threat of COVID-19. Not only have we witnessed the physical impacts of the virus - which should be our primary concern - we have also seen a very real impact on businesses, supply chains, and the economy. It is a time of uncertainty and fear, but we cannot let that paralyze us. 

To help businesses around the world share information on how they are dealing with the Coronavirus, the Founder Institute launched a Coronavirus section to its Global Health Hub. It is our vision that this page will become a global repository for best-practice plans and guides to deal with the immediate impact of COVID-19. This will be a shared, open-source resource that businesses all around the world will be able to access and use. 

If your company has developed a coronavirus management plan or guide, we are asking that you upload it directly to, so that others around the world can benefit from your work. 

To kick things off, we developed and published our best practice guide for businesses to deal with the Coronavirus earlier this week.

Or, if you are yet to develop your COVID-19 management plan for your business and employees, you can view the repository of best-practice guides others have uploaded as your starting point. 

This is a chance for businesses to make a positive impact on the world by sharing best practices that can help keep people safe.

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