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Founder Institute Mentors provide the passion, dedication and support that helped launch over 500 businesses since the Institute was founded in 2009 and will launch another 750 businesses in 2012. Mentors have inspired enrolled Founders to build the next generation of meaningful and enduring technology companies. They share their difficult lessons to save others countless hours of hardship.

Among these great individuals, there are some Mentors that stand out. Here are the nominees for the Top Mentors of 2011:



Each of the Mentors selected has given time and effort to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed. The 11 categories that they are nominated for are below:

  • Most Sessions Mentored
  • Most Locations Mentored
  • Highest Rated Overall
  • Highest Rated in Eastern US
  • Highest Rated in Western US
  • Highest Rated in Europe
  • Highest Rated in Asia
  • Highest Rated in the Americas
  • Highest Rated Individual Session
  • Most Interesting Company
  • Most Supportive

Congratulations to the nominees!

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