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Every day, companies like ecommerce brands have dozens if not hundreds of interactions with clients and customers. From customer service, to sales, to updates on deliveries, brands require a lot of peoplepower in order to keep their customers happy—and more often than not, these exact same conversations repeat numerous times across different customer inquiries. This crucial creates redundancies that can be cumbersome for sales and customer success staff. is the Bogotá Founder Institute portfolio company streamlining some of the most repetitive conversations that brands need to have with their clients, customers, and everyone in between.

Led by Founder & CEO Ricardo Romero, Chat-Bots has already made waves helping dozens of brands since its launch. CEO Romero explains,

Chat-Bots is a platform that allows you to automate conversations between companies and a target group such as customers, employees, suppliers, etc. by creating a powerful new communication channel on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

In the past year alone, Chat-Bots has amassed more than a million users, who held more than 2.3M conversations and sent more than 23M+ user messages in total.

Each one of these conversations is time saved for brands, and all accomplished through a combination of automation and AI. CEO Romero adds,

Through automated chats, it is very easy for companies to substantially improve their massive data collection processes (text, photos, audio, and video), provide answers and respond to requests for information, all safely and without infrastructure investment.

Customer Service is changing: today, the average hourly cost for adding a dedicated support employee in the USA can range from $20-$30, or between $8-$18 in South America. This doesn’t include the added costs of training, churn, or the incalculable cost of not having the right type of customer support in place. Mixing in the possibilities of not offering near real-time sales professionals, and brands can be losing deals. But dollars quickly add up, and if brands are spending excessive amounts of money on support to answer the same common questions over and over again, customer service costs can soar. 

This is where Chat-Bots comes into play, offering solutions that tackle four key areas through their automated solution, which works across platforms most people already familiar with using, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Among the services offered are an easy-to-use interface that connects employees through a chat app, an easy-to-use bot builder for creating automated responses, a sentiment engine that understands users emotions and adjusts messages accordingly, and a portal to monitor conversations in real-time as well as review analytics. Romero notes,

These components are all designed and constructed in such a way that anyone can create business bots.

On a more detailed level, Chat-Bots has built their solution for brands that work with sales teams, that require customer support, or even internal teams that interact with both. This means that a brand can easily allow its customers to check up on an order they recently placed, ask questions about an expected product delivery, or speak to customer support after going through some common questions. For service brands, Chat-Bots allow for appointment setting, reservations, and even the ability to check the analytics across all of the above. 

Though they have shown great success locking in South American brands, now has their eyes set on global markets, especially enterprise consumer goods brands. Recently, Chat-Bots also launched a solution allowing application resellers to build chat bots using their technology on behalf of other brands, which may not have the technical knowledge or experience.

Keep your eyes on, and next time you see a friendly automated chat popup, make sure you say hello back!


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