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May is Mental Health Awareness month, which is apt timing as we all collectively experience the social impacts the Coronavirus pandemic has created throughout the world. Many are forced to take the time to consider where they're at with their own mental health, which is exactly what Cody Semrau, Founder & CEO of BetterMynd, has been facilitating for years.

On May 14th the FI Washington D.C. graduate joined us for an interview on how his impact startup BetterMynd is helping college students get access to online therapy, and breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health. With many universities choosing to go virtual for the Fall 2020 semester, the sessions BetterMynd provides will be in demand. Students can schedule sessions during non-business hours -- including on the weekends -- in one of 4 languages: Spanish, Mandarin, English, and French.

For those who do not want to talk openly about their mental health situation, BetterMynd is an ideal route to take. Because the sessions are virtual, all students need is a good internet connection, and then they can talk from the privacy of their home or wherever is most comfortable for them.

Exclusive Interview with CEO of BetterMynd, Cody Semrau

Watch this video to learn directly from the founder why BetterMynd was built, and what the state of mental health is like the in the United States today. In this interview, Cody shares some of the challenges he faced, how COVID-19 has impacted the business, and advice for other impact founders. His parting thought to viewers was are,

For everyone that’s struggling with their mental health right now, it’s okay not to be okay. These are really trying times for everyone. So for people who need to reach out for help, there is help out there.

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