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Francois Wayenberg is the Founder and CEO of Ajinomatrix, a Berlin Founder Institute portfolio company leading the way in digitizing the human senses of taste and smell for the food industry. Ajinomatrix uses sensory software to create easy-to-interpret data, helping make food science a little simpler.

Ajnomatrix utilizes artificial intelligence in their sensory software, to help make data about food a bit more digestible. But what really sets Ajinomatrix apart in the emerging food + data sciences sphere, is the way in which the platform can create customizable applications for organizations. The food science happening in the laboratories and test kitchens, especially of large food manufacturers, is extremely complicated and data rich--and the digitization of sensory data itself is still in the industry’s infancy--so understanding that data, is critical for allowing food industry organizations to make better decisions.

Watch the full video interview with Ajinomatrix CEO Francois Wayenberg here, or see the highlights below:

Key Insights include:

  • The complexity of the Food Science industry
  • Creating a new standard across Food Science
  • Sensory data digitization
  • CEO Francois Wayenbergs’ predictions for the future of food
  • Advice for entrepreneurs pursuing their ideas

Ajinomatrix’s offerings, for the layperson, ultimately boil down to simplifying food science into comprehensible reports, using AI. Interpreting this type of data is typically time consuming, in the past was very subjective, and mistakes can occur from the volume of information synthesized. CEO Francois Wayenberg explains,

The players in the food industry have to make decisions on how to organize the taste and aroma. They can either do it internally, or delegate it to an external lab. Obviously, inviting competent tasters as mouths and noses is not only very troublesome during the covid pandemic, but it’s also normally very difficult. It’s costly, it’s not easy to organize, and it takes considerable amounts of time.

In their pursuit to create a new food science experience, Ajinomatrix is also seeking those in the food industry to try their service. CEO Francois Wayenberg reaches out:

If you are a food scientist hearing this and are interested, we are actively looking for use cases, including involving sensors. I invite you to contact us at our website. You can directly book a demo which I will probably hold, and we will showcase the technology.

Ajinomatrix offers more information about their technology and the ability to book a demo for their food digitizing services at

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