Funding Lab is a virtual advisory program that helps early-stage startups raise seed funding. Over the course of a regimented 3-month program, participants work closely with the Founder Institute's Silicon Valley HQ team to improve their pitch materials, build an investor pipeline, pitch to angels, negotiate terms, and to generate strong investor interest.

Funding Lab is conducted solely via email, online webinar tools, and Slack.  Over the years, 150+ Founder Institute companies have succesfully graduated the program raising a combined of $50,000,000+ USD in pre-seed and seed funding.   Succesfull graduates from the program later went on to become leading businesses in their categories. 

Notable examples include: FightCamp (Montreal - Series B), Involve AI (Los Angeles - Series A), Bleximo (Silicon Valley - Series A), Subly (London - Seed Round), Fairly AI (Waterloo - Seed).

If you have additional questions, please visit

Follow the steps below to apply to Funding Lab:

1.  Update your LinkedIn to reflect your current work status. We as well as most investors will check your LinkedIn and other online information sources to ensure that you are working both full-time and exclusively on your startup.

2.  Generate a link to your most recent fundraising pitch deck and please make sure to open the sharing permissions. Insert the link below under “Company Pitch Deck” and email a copy to

3. Complete the form below and click Submit. 

As soon as everything is completed, we will review your application and email you with our admissions decision.