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The RJCCQ Fellowship is awarded to the most extraordinary entrepreneurs applicant from the RJCCQ Community, giving them the opportunity to participate in the Founder Institute for free. The recipient will be recognized as a highly technical person with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur.

The Founder Institute provides aspiring entrepreneurs the training and step-by-step guidance they need to launch a meaningful technology company.

The Montreal Founder Institute is excited to partner with an organization that shares our goal of fostering a strong local startup ecosystem: RJCCQ, the Federation of Young Chambers of Commerce of the Quebec Province. Through the RJCCQ Fellowship, everyone from the RJCCQ community is invited to apply to the Montreal Founder Institute for free, and the best overall applicant from the community will receive a Fellowship to participate in the program for free as well

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the RJCCQ Fellowship for the Montreal 2017 Semester, you must complete your application, be accepted to the program, and submit your payment by the Early Admissions Deadline, using this link. Anyone who from the RJCCQ Community who follows these guidelines will be automatically eligible - no further steps are required. 

Grant: The recipient will be awarded and notified within 5 days after the Early Admissions Deadline, and they will receive a full refund on their Course Fee within 1 week of the program start date. All applicants will be notified via email when the Fellowships are awarded.

Click here to apply for the RJCCQ Fellowship.  

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Montreal Founder Institute Early Applications Due Sunday!

Posted by Joe Garza on 2014-03-21

The Founder Institute, the world's largest startup accelerator, is preparing to launch a very promising Montreal 2017 Semester.

We have many great startup mentors confirmed, and impressive founders are beginning to enroll in the program as well. But, time is running out to apply. 

This Sunday (2017-06-18) is the Early Application Deadline. If you apply by Sunday, you get to take the Predictive Admissions Test for free ($50 value), and are also eligible to receive one of several Founder Institute Fellowships.

If you could use expert training and advice to launch a technology startup in Montreal, then apply today.

In the Founder Institute's four-month, part-time program, promising startup entrepreneurs “learn by doing” and launch a company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors. Plus, aspiring founders are not required to quit their day job to participate, so they can begin building a business around their ideas without putting their livelihood at risk.

The Founder Institute was recently covered by Anwar Ali in article on The Montreal Gazette titled New Chapter of Founder Institute offers startup opportunities to local entrepreneurs.

The Montreal Chapter will begin 2017-08-28, and will be led by local leaders LP Maurice and Sergio Escobar. LP Maurice is the co-founder and CEO of travel startup Busbud, and Sergio Escobar is a curator at Startup Genome.

In addition, participants in Montreal will receive expert training and feedback from an impressive list of mentors, including; 

  • Adeo Ressi: Founder/CEO, Founder Institute
  • Alain Goubau: COO , FarmLead
  • Alex Nemeroff: Co-Founder, Head of Design & UX, Dynamo
  • Alexandre Taillefer: Managing partner, XPND Capital
  • Ali Nawab: Founder and CEO, Kiwi Wearables
  • Amélie Morency: CEO
  • Andrew D'Souza: Founder and CEO, Clearbanc
  • Angelique Mannella: Founder & CEO, Decode Global
  • Ariel Garten: CEO, InteraXon
  • Audry Larocque: CEO, iPerceptions
  • Ben Yoskovitz: VP Product, VarageSale
  • Benjamin du Haÿs: Founder & CEO, Mobeewave
  • Beth Thouin: Startup Marketing Expert, Thunkr Consulting
  • Brandon Waselnuk: Product Manager and Principle, CoVenture
  • Brian Church: Country Manager, Canada
  • Brian Zubert: Director, Thomson Reuters Labs
  • Brice Scheschuk: CEO, Globalive Capital
  • Bruno Morency: Head of Operations, Poka Inc.
  • Caithrin Rintoul: Caithrin Rintoul - Co-Founder & CEO, Provender (Montreal FI), Provender
  • Caitlin Mac Gregor: CEO & Cofounder, Inc.
  • Carter Laren: Founder/CEO, Inara Ventures
  • Caterina Rizzi: Co-Founder & CCO, Breather
  • Chris Arsenault: Managing Partner, iNovia Capital
  • Christine Renaud: Founder/CEO, E-180
  • Claude Théoret: Founder & CEO, Nexalogy Environics
  • Code Cubitt: Managing Director, Mistral Venture Partners
  • Daleyne Guay: Founder & CEO, NewDeal Brewery Inc
  • Damon Sloane: General Manager, Ecommerce, Michael Kors
  • Danial Jameel: Founder/CEO, Forbes 30under30, OOHLALA Mobile Inc.
  • David Nault: Principal, iNovia Capital
  • David Dufresne: Partner, 500 Startups Canada
  • Dax Da Silva: Founder/CEO, LightSpeed
  • Dennis Van Staalduinen: President & Executive Strategist, Brandvelope Consulting
  • Elyes Ben Mrad: CEO and founder, Crema App
  • Ethan Song: Co-Founder & CEO, Frank & Oak
  • Ferhan Patel: Co-Founder, Payment Rails
  • Firoz Patel: Founder & Executive Vice President
  • Francis Wenzel: Founder & CEO, TickSmith
  • François Poirier: Founder & CEO, MakerBloks
  • François Arbour: CEO / VP Music & Video, Premiumbeat / Shutterstock
  • Francois Charles Sirois: CEO, Telesystem
  • Frédéric Bastien: Founder & CEO, Mnubo
  • Frederic Voyer: CEO & Co-Founder,
  • Gagan Biyani: Gagan Biyani - CoFounder, Fresh (San Francisco FI) , Fresh
  • Gary Gaessler: VP Sales, Nventify
  • Gian Carlo Di Tommaso: VP Finance & Operations, Luxury Retreats
  • Gisele Bisson, Visibility Shift
  • Graeme Barlow: CEO, Liquid Fox Cooling Inc.
  • Greg Isenberg: Digital Marketer and Angel Investor
  • Hicham Ratnani: Co-Founder & COO/CFO, Frank & Oak
  • Ian Jeffrey: VP Product Marketing Marketing, PasswordBox
  • Isaac Souweine: Technology Product and Marketing Expert, Thunkr Consulting
  • Jay Ferst: Managing Partner, Ferst Capital Partners
  • Jean David Begin: Co-founder & CEO, Guestful
  • Jean François Marcoux: General Partner, White Star Capital
  • Jeff Hoffman: Partner, ColorJar
  • Joe Poulin: Founder/CEO, Luxury Retreats
  • Joel Yaffe: Co-Founder, GuestDriven
  • Julien Denaes: Founder & CEO
  • Julien Smith: Co-Founder & CEO, Breather
  • Justin Wilcox: Founder, Customer Development Labs
  • Justin Sherratt: Founder, Sortbox
  • Khalil Zahar: Founder & CEO, Hykso
  • Lee Silverstone: Co founder/ EVP strategic partnerships, Gymtrack
  • Leo Lax: Managing Director, L-Spark/Wesley Clover
  • Louis François Hogue: General Manager and Partner
  • Louis Philippe Maurice: Louis Philippe Maurice - Founder/CEO, Busbud (Montreal FI), Busbud
  • Luc Filiatreault: Luc Filiatreault - VP Venture Development, OpenText (Barcelona FI), OpenText
  • Madusha Cooray: Director
  • Magaly Charbonneau: COO & Shareholder, PasswordBox
  • Marc Boscher: Founder & CEO, Unito
  • Marc Alloul: Managing Partner W2/W3, W Investments
  • Marc Antoine Ross: Angel Investor & Director, Data Engineering, Intel Security (former PasswordBox)
  • Marco Janeczek: Venture Partner, Infinite Ventures
  • Marcus Daniels: Co-Founder & CEO, Highline VC
  • Matthias Bedard: Co-Founder & CTO
  • Matthieu Houle: VP Digital Media, Yellow Pages Canada
  • Mauro Repacci: Co-Founder & CEO, NAVUT
  • Mazen Elbawab: Founder & CEO, Heddoko
  • Mehdi Mehni: Head of Growth, Téo Taxi
  • Michael Turri: Co-Founder / Director of Experience Strategy, Sid Labs / Sid Lee
  • Michael Katchen: Founder & CEO, WealthSimple
  • Mike Blicker: Co-founder & CEO, WealthTab
  • Mike Grandinetti: Managing Director, Southboro Capital
  • Mike Silagadze: CEO, Top Hat
  • Mike Kirkup: Director, Velocity
  • Mohannad El Barachi: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SweetIQ Analytics Corp.
  • Pablo Srugo: Co-Founder, Gymtrack
  • Pam Alfred: CEO, AskPAM
  • Parm Gill: Managing Partner, Gill Group
  • Paul D'souza: President and CEO, Delivering Peak Performance
  • Phil Rivard: Founder & CEO, NUKERN
  • Phil Libin: Co-Founder and Chairman of Evernote, Managing Director at General Catalyst, General Catalyst
  • Philip Cutler: President & CEO, GradeSlam
  • Pierre Sabbagh: Founder & CEO, Roof AI
  • Pierre Alexandre Fournier: CEO, Hexoskin
  • Pierre Luc Laparé: Co-Founder, Golf Avenue
  • Raff Paquin: Director, Data, LightSpeed
  • Rajesh Setty: Rajesh Setty - Serial Entrepreneur and Author, WittyParrot
  • Sanjay Singhal: Co-Founder and CEO,
  • Sebastien Roy: CEO, Lean Systems
  • Sergio A. Escobar: Director, Montreal Chapter
  • Shahzad Khan: CTO, Gnowit Inc
  • Sophie Boulanger: CEO, BonLook
  • Stephane Marceau: Co-Founder & CEO, OMsignal
  • Steven Abrams: Partner, IT Venture Fund, BDC Capital
  • Suzanne Grant: cofounder and ceo, iBIONICS
  • Sylvain Carle: Partner, Real Ventures
  • Taylor Sicard: VP of Growth/Partnerships ,
  • Tim Upton: CEO & Co-Founder, TITUS Inc.
  • Tim Jodoin: Founder - President, Edispin Inc.
  • Ty Danco: Director, Techstars Boston
  • Vicken Kanadjian: Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cesium Inc.
  • Yona Shtern: Founder/CEO, Beyond The Rack
  • Yuri Navarro: Executive Director, National Angel Capital Organization

  • And many more to be announced. 

In only 8.5 years of operation, over 2,000 graduate companies across 150 cities have used the Founder Institute to validate their idea, develop their plans, refine their product, build an advisory board, prepare for seed funding, and more.  

                                  We hope you will join us in Montreal and launch a company in 2014.


Montreal Founder Institute Early Applications Due Sunday!

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