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Founder Institute has joined forces with 10x Growth - a leading innovation partner for large CPG companies led by Misha de Sterke and Jeroen Tjepkema, to help corporations find startups that match their innovation growth goals and quickly integrate them.

Corporate accelerator programs should enable startups to gain valuable resources and connections while providing corporations with innovative solutions. However, the reality often falls short, leaving startups feeling undervalued and corporations struggling to see tangible benefits. To create a more agile and effective way for corporations to engage with startups, Founder Institute has partnered with 10x Growth - a leading innovation partner for large CPG corporations led by Misha de Sterke and Jeroen Tjepkema.

Learn about FI and 10x Growth’s end-to-end corporate innovation programs

The frustrations startups face in traditional accelerator programs are numerous. Many feel like they are quickly written off by the corporation on day one, or are dropped into a large corporate machine with no clear structure for engagement. Moreover, the pressure to succeed in highly publicized programs adds to the stress, creating a fear of failure and signaling risk.

On the flip side, corporations also have difficulties with traditional accelerator models. Such programs take a long time to launch, cost a lot of money, and, eventually, corporations may struggle to find startups that align with their growth goals or integrate them into their culture and processes seamlessly.

In response to these challenges, Founder Institute and 10x Growth are pioneering a new approach. By combining FI's global network, platform, and startup expertise with 10X Growth's experience and proven frameworks for integrating startups into some of the world's largest companies, we are developing a new wave of 'lightweight' corporate innovation programs that go beyond scouting and actually impact the bottom line.

At the heart of this initiative is a focus on meaningful impact. These programs go beyond mere scouting, aiming to drive worthwhile results for corporations while empowering startups to scale rapidly. Through structured frameworks, strategic guidance, and enhanced communication channels, startups gain access to the resources and mentorship they need, while corporations benefit from data evaluation, expert methodology, and being matched with the best startups for them. 

To set the conversation on the right track, we invited Misha de Sterke and Jeroen Tjepkema from 10x Growth to discuss with Jonathan Greechan, CEO of Founder Institute, the reasons why so many corporate accelerators fail.

Taking place on March 6, this insightful webinar will first identify the key factors contributing to the decline of corporate innovation initiatives and then advise industry leaders on how to drive immediate improvements in their programs.

Reserve your spot for Why Corporate Innovation Is Failing: Rethinking Strategies for Success here

Learn about FI and 10x Growth’s end-to-end corporate innovation programs

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!

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